Social ad

  1. Available formats
  2. How to get started with social ads
  3. Launching a campaign
  4. Ad moderation
  5. Payment and campaign start
  6. Requirements and restrictions

Social advertising helps you draw attention to important social topics: for example, charity, personal health, or the environment. You can use such ads to tell users about a social program, charity foundation, or helpline.

Available formats

In Yandex.Direct, you can create and manage social ad campaigns with a fixed CPM.

You can place social ads in the following formats:
  • Display banner on the Yandex Home page: This is placement under the Yandex search bar and on a new tab in Yandex Browser. Such banners are seen by millions of users every day. For more information, see Display banner on the Yandex Home page.
  • Banner in ad networks: Targeting the desired audience in the Yandex Advertising Network. Set up social ad impressions based on important user characteristics. For more information, see Display banners.
  • Video ads: Impressions in the Yandex Video Network in the legitimate content of verified partners (for example, InStream videos, InPage content, or Interstitial in-app ads). For more information, see Video ads.

The ads are labeled with a “Social ad” icon.

How to get started with social ads

To get access to social ad placement:

  1. Please read the moderation requirements for ads and advertised sites, as well as with Social advertising requirements.
  2. Create a new Yandex account. You can use this account only to place social ads in Yandex.Direct.

  3. To submit a request for social advertising, fill out the form below. In the form, specify the Yandex.Direct username created in paragraph 2.

Launching a campaign

The procedure for launching an ad campaign depends on the selected format:

Step 1. Go to the campaign creation page and set parameters

Click Add campaign → Social ad. Enter the campaign name and link to the advertised site. Enter the campaign settings:

  1. Set the display regions. In the Available products field, select:
    • Social. Home page. Moscow: If you want to display ads only in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast.
    • Social. Home page. Regions: If you need geotargeting for other Russian regions.

    You can't change your product choice after campaign creation.

  2. Set the campaign start and end dates. The campaigns are placed strictly by calendar week, so make sure that the campaign starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The campaign dates can't be after the product validity dates.
  3. Specify the number of impressions you want to get. It must be within the values specified in the product description.

    You can also cap impression frequency to limit how many times your campaign ads can be served to the same user.

  4. If available, select placement positions: on the desktop or mobile version of the Yandex Home page, or on the new tab page in Yandex Browser.
  5. If, when creating a campaign, you selected Social. Home page. Regions, set the display regions.

    If you selected Social. Home page. Moscow, then Moscow and the Moscow Oblast will be automatically set as the display region.

  6. Specify the Yandex.Metrica tag on your website.
Step 2. Create an ad group.

After the ad campaign is created, the page opens where you can create the mandatory ad group. If available, you can set a profile for the audience you want to show your banners to.

Step 3. Add creatives

Add creatives of any size to the mandatory group: click Add → Upload creatives. Upload an image or HTML5 banner from your computer or choose a previously added banner. You can add any creatives to other ad groups.

Learn more about requirements for HTML5 banners and HTML5 banners with expandable block. The banners must also meet the moderation requirements and formatting requirements:

Specify up to three links to the website. Make sure that the sequential number of the link matches the clickNum parameter value when calling the method homeExpandableDesktopBannerAPI.clickAndClose(clickNum) from the banner code.

Ad moderation

After you create your ads, they are checked for compliance with the design requirements and moderation rules: In order to pass moderation, also make sure that you have enough funds on your shared account to pay for placement. If you can't deposit the total amount in full now, write to your Manager at Yandex.

On the campaign page, click  → Send to moderation and confirm that you agree with the terms of ad placement on Yandex. It usually takes the moderators a few hours to review ads.

Your moderation results will be emailed to the address you provided when you created the ad campaign.

Payment and campaign start

If you received a grant from the “Helping Hand” initiative, but the funds are not enough to run your campaign, you can pay the missing part yourself.

Your ads will begin displaying as soon as Yandex receives your payment.

You can pay for a campaign only as a legal entity. Choose you preferred payment method:
Bank wire transfer from a business account

On the Shared account page, click the Top up button. In the Add funds to account window, enter the payment amount, select the “Bank transfer” payment method, then click Issue an invoice.

You can use the generated bill to make a payment order in a bank or in an online banking system. Before you make the payment, make sure that you correctly entered all your payment details and your Yandex.Direct account number in the payment order.

The payment will be deposited within 1-3 business days depending on what bank is making the payment.

To find out how to get accounting documents, read ../payments/docs.html#clearing .

Bank card

When topping up the account, choose “Company credit card” as the payment method and click Issue an invoice.

Corporate Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard and MIR cards are accepted if they are issued to your business. The maximum payment amount is 49,999.99 rubles.

The payment occurs instantly, and the money is credited within 15 minutes to 1 hour.

To find out how to get accounting documents, read ../payments/docs.html#clearing .

If you have questions related to payment for ad campaigns or the billing documents, you can contact the Customer Service Department.

You can check the campaign status in the Status column. To set up the column display, click Columns on the campaign page.

Note. Information about advertisers and social ads will be openly published in the Social advertising report.