Access problems

Access to ad campaign


Please note that you can only use this form to regain access to Yandex.Direct ad campaigns.

If you don't have an advertising campaign, use another form to let us know about the issue you're experiencing.

Try using the prompt on the access recovery page. In the Username or email field, a possible username will appear under Perhaps... if you logged into your account from the same computer recently.

If you are unable to restore access, please use the form below to let us know. Make sure to include your campaign number and any other information which can help identify you in the system (for example, numbers of paid invoices or statements issued).

Access to the Yandex.Direct interface

If you can't log in to a Direct interface page, please fill out the form:

Access to campaign management using XLS

If you see the message Access to the interface for working with files with tabular formats is temporarily suspended in the ad campaign interface, try the following: