Average cost per action

The average cost per action for the week shows the ratio of the weekly budget expenditure to the weekly number of converted sessions. This strategy enables you to get the maximum converted sessions to your website and bring your average CPA for the week in line with the value you've set.

The “average cost per action” strategy is suitable for advertisers who have already determined what their goals are (as far as attracting users to their website is concerned) and know how much they are prepared to pay to meet these goals.

This strategy is most effective for campaigns that get more than 200 clicks and more than 10 converted sessions a week.


The system attempts to increase clicks for ads and keywords that more often result in the goals on the website. Bids are automatically selected so as to bring your average CPA in line with the value you set. However, you might see deviations in the average cost per action (either up or down) over the course of a week.

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Prerequisites for using the strategy

The “average cost per action” strategy can be enabled if the following conditions are met:

The Yandex.Metrica tag is linked to the campaign
  1. The code snippet for the tag is installed on the advertised site. Yandex recommends that you embed the code snippet on every page of your site.

  2. Goals should be configured for your tag. Only simple (not multi-step) goals are appropriate for the strategy.

  3. You have specified the tag number or enabled link tagging for Yandex.Metrica in the campaign settings. Learn more

Enough campaign statistics have been accumulated
  1. Your campaign must have had at least one converted session since it launched (i.e. a visitor who clicked on your ad must have reached the goal you set (or one of them) during their session).

  2. The campaign must have reached the threshold for the number of converted sessions and clicks over the past 28 calendar days:

    Converted sessions for 28 days + 0.01 × clicks for 28 days ≥ 40

    If the campaign has been running for less than 28 calendar days, the number of actual converted sessions and the forecasted number of clicks is used for the calculation.

    If you indicated in your strategy settings that you only want toserve your ads in networks, then only converted sessions and clicks from ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges) are taken into account.

Strategy settings

Average cost per action

It's recommended that you carefully analyze how your campaign is working and set appropriate values for the average CPA. An unrealistic value will prevent the system from raising the bids for effective keywords and you will get significantly fewer clicks.

The minimum value for average cost per action is 0.9 rubles (for other currencies).


You can choose to receive sessions for all basic (not multi-step) goals, or just for one.

A Yandex.Metrica goal won't appear in strategy parameters immediately after being added. The list of available goals is updated once per day.

Weekly budget

You can limit the weekly budget when necessary. The minimum weekly budget is 300 RUB (values for other currencies).

Maximum CPC

You can limit the maximum CPC when necessary. If the maximum CPC is not set, by default it will not exceed 10% of the weekly budget or 450 rubles (the limit for other currencies will be recalculated at the current exchange rate of that currency against the ruble).

It is not recommended limiting your maximum CPC. A weekly budget should be specified if you need to control the expenditure of your funds independently.