Maximum conversions

Use this strategy to bring maximum converted sessions to your site while maintaining the cost-revenue ratio, average CPA, or weekly budget. You can also enable paying per conversion. The strategy is good for advertisers who have defined the goal of attracting users to their site or know the optimal cost-revenue ratio for their ads.

How it works

The “Maximum number of conversions” strategy aims to increase the percentage of clicks on ads and keywords that are most likely to result in conversions on the website. Bids are automatically selected in order to achieve the best result while remaining within the set criteria and limits.

We recommend evaluating the result in 7 to 14 days: at the beginning of your campaign, the strategy might need some time to accumulate initial statistics. If you failed to get enough conversions during the training period, check the strategy settings based on the interface tips.

If you change the attribution type or goal, the strategy will need some time to re-learn.

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Prerequisites for using the strategy

You need a Yandex Metrica tag to enable this strategy. For Yandex Metrica, make sure that:

  1. The tracking tag is installed on the advertised site. Yandex recommends that you embed the tracking tag's code snippet on every page of your site.

  2. Goals are configured for your tag.

  3. To limit the cost-revenue ratio, set up the transmission of ad revenue (the amount and currency of the goal value) to Yandex Direct. There are several ways to pass it:
    • Add conversions in the campaign settings and set values for them. Besides the conversions that bring you direct income, you can also choose any other goals to optimize your ads, such as registering on your website or consenting to participate in a promo.

    • Specify the revenue by goal in the Yandex Metrica interface. You don't need programming skills or precise financial indicators. Enter your average order value or estimated revenue per request or submitted form.
    • Use the reachGoal method with the goal ID and preset value.
    • Enable ecommerce and pass the product price or order amount. For the “eCommerce: Purchase” goal, the goal ID is automatically transmitted by Yandex Metrica. For any other goal, the ID must be passed in the goal_id field.
      Example of passing the product price and goal ID
                                              "ecommerce": {
                                              "purchase": {
                                              "actionField": {
                                              "id" : "TRX987",
                                              "goal_id": "123456"
                                              "products": [
                                              "id": "25341",
                                              "name": "Men's hoodie Yandex style",
                                              "price": 1345.26,
                                              "brand": "Yandex",
                                              "category": "Clothing/Men's clothing/Hoodies and sweatshirts",
                                              "variant": "Orange color"
                                              "id": "25314",
                                              "name": "Women's hoodie Yandex style",
                                              "price": 1543.62,
                                              "brand": "Yandex",
                                              "category": "Clothing/Women's clothing/Hoodies and sweatshirts",
                                              "variant": "White color",
                                              "quantity": 3

    If you use a non-monetary revenue indicator, pass the payment currency you have set in Yandex Direct.

To select this strategy, you might need to confirm your phone number. Make sure that a correct number is specified in the user settings.

Strategy settings

  1. Select the criteria and spending limit to get the maximum conversions for:


    Enter the amount and select a limit: per week or for a period. For long-term ad campaigns without a specific end date, we recommend setting a weekly budget. If you need to control costs for flight campaigns, use a budget for a period.

    Minimum budget:

    • Per week: RUB 300 (see other currencies). We recommend that the weekly budget be at least 10 ×  CPA .

    • For a period: RUB 50 per day (values for other currencies). We recommend that the budget for a period be at least 10 ×  CPA . If you specify a period longer than a week, your budget should be enough for at least ten conversions each week.

    Learn more about the strategy budget.

    Set the spending limit

    If you cap the “CPA”, the strategy will bring you conversions at the specified cost. Learn more about pay-per-conversion campaigns.

    Specify the CPA when selecting a goal. Cost per conversion must not exceed 50,000 rubles. Learn more about calculating the optimal conversion cost.

    The specified CPA is also affected by the selected adjustments.

    Cost–revenue ratio
    The strategy will bring you conversions at a fixed cost equal to the specified percentage of the revenue transferred for the goal, with adjustments.

    This strategy is best suited for campaigns that use E-commerce or send information about the conversion revenue to Yandex Metrica. This strategy can also be used for campaigns where revenue is specified as the conversion value.

    Specify the expected ratio of ad costs to the resulting ad revenue, expressed as a percentage.