Call conversions

Сall conversion is an event that occurred during a phone conversation between the customer and a sales operator. If your customers place orders by phone, transmit these conversions to Yandex Metrica, too.

By transmitting call conversions, you can:

  • Use complete data to make decisions on campaign effectiveness.
  • Add goals for calls and phone sales to your campaign optimization strategy. Machine learning algorithms will better understand the profile of your target audience and bring better-converting users to your site.

Basic call transmission

Set up transmission of goals for calls to Yandex Metrica. To build your sales funnel properly, make sure to transmit every call, not only the calls that resulted in sales. This will help you optimize campaigns where there's too little data to train automatic strategies in Yandex Direct.

Methods to transmit all calls depending on the input data:

You have a call tracking system with a dynamic pool of numbers

Set up call tracker integration with Yandex Metrica. You can transmit calls of different types or even with specific tags. If your call tracker enables you to transmit tagged calls, create separate goals for such calls (for example, calls where a customer made an appointment).

You don't have a call tracker or you only use static numbers
Set up the "Call" auto-goal.

Transmitting calls that turned into sales

To transmit calls that resulted in a purchase, you need a CRM system where you register requests and set statuses based on results of communications.

Set up transmission of data from your CRM to Yandex Metrica using:
  • Conversion center: Upload a file with conversions via an FTP or SFTP server, via a link to HTTP or HTTPS, or using Google Sheets and add a link to the source in Yandex Direct.
  • Integration of a CRM system with Yandex Metrica via a connector (a list of available connectors can be found in the Yandex Metrica interface).
  • API: The two formats available for data transfer are "Simplified data transfer" and "Transmitting itemized data".

Use the checklist to decide on the best method of data transfer.