Budget forecasting

Budget forecast is a service that helps you determine what your campaign budget for search ads should be. This tool lets you calculate your approximate ad expenses based on the keywords and display regions you selected. It also lets you figure out the approximate click price for your ads.

How ad budgets are calculated

You can use the Budget Forecast in the Yandex.Direct interface. Just click on the appropriate link on the top of the page. Only authorized users can access the Budget Forecast.

Step 1. Select display regions

You campaign budget will depend on what region you plan to serve your ads in. Only select regions where you want people to see your ads. Don't select regions that you don't deliver to. If you operate in several cities, you can create a separate ad for each city.

Learn more about choosing regions.

Step 2. Select forecast parameters

Choose the relevant period. You can set a forecast for a week, month, quarter, or year. If necessary, you can also change your report currency or get a forecast for mobile ads specifically.

Step 3. Select keywords

Keywords should correspond to the subject matter of your ad. Try to think of search queries that users who would be interested in your products or services might enter. Add negative keywords to exclude queries that are off topic.

More information about how to select keywords.

Click Calculate. You report will appear on the page. For your convenience, you can download your forecast as an XLS file.

If you edit, delete or add keywords, your forecast will be recalculated. If a keyword in your forecast is grayed out and is accompanied by an icon, that is a warning that your keyword may not be very effective. It's best to replace that keyword with something else.

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How it works

The Budget Forecast is calculated using ad statistics that factor in the time of year and various trends: positions, bids, number of impressions, and the number and cost of clicks for that particular keyword.

For each keyword, the service calculates a forecast of the following indicators for the chosen time period:

  • Search queries — number of queries containing that keyword
  • Average CPC — the average bid necessary for your ads to appear in a particular display position.

  • Click price — the average actual cost of a click-through from an ad that is triggered by that keyword.

  • CTR — the average clickability of ads that are triggered by that particular keyword

  • Impressions and clicks — the expected number of impressions and clicks for that specific keyword

  • Budget — your potential expenses for that keyword

The number of competing ads, as well as their bids and quality coefficients may change over the course of any advertising campaigns. That's why your actual expenditures may differ from your forecasted expenses.

Data on your campaign page may differ from what you see in your forecast. The budget forecast calculates the average indicators for all selected keywords in selected display regions, whereas the campaign page shows the indicators for a specific ad group at that moment for the most expensive region.