Recommendations suggest how you can adjust campaigns in order to get more clicks and conversions. Yandex.Direct will analyze your campaign data and provide personalized tips for how to improve performance. For example, it may suggest to increase the budget limit, automatically add keywords where they are not configured, or check the settings of ad groups that have few impressions.

For Text & Image Ads, you can enable the feature that applies recommendations automatically. Yandex Direct will analyze campaign performance and adjust its settings to improve the effectiveness of ads. Recommendations will start to be applied when there are enough campaign statistics for effective changes.

Automatic application of recommendations

The settings recommended by Yandex Direct for Text & Image Ads can be applied automatically for specific advertising campaigns. When you create new campaigns, the option is enabled by default in the Campaign Wizard. For “Text & Image Ads” campaigns, this option can be enabled in the settings. When creating or editing a campaign, enable the Allow Yandex Direct to automatically apply recommendations for this campaign option at the bottom of the page. The algorithm adjusts the campaign settings as soon as enough statistics are accumulated for the campaign and optimization points are found.

Here's what can be changed:

  • Ad placements. For example, the list of ad placements can be increased or the list of sites where impressions are disabled can be modified.

  • Audience and targetings. For example:

    • Autotargeting settings can be adjusted.
    • Geotargeting restrictions for an ad group can be disabled if this group's geotargeting settings are narrower than the campaign's.
    • The audience can be expanded using retargeting segments.
    • Advanced geotargeting settings can be edited.
    • Bid adjustments can be added.
  • Strategy settings. For example:

    • Achievable goals can be added to the settings of the “Optimize conversions” or “Target cost revenue ratio” strategy without pay-per-conversion.
    • Achievable goals can be added to the “Optimize clicks” strategy with limiting the weekly budget. In this case, the strategy is changed to “Optimize conversions” with a weekly budget.
    • The attribution model can be changed for the “Optimize conversions” and “Target cost revenue ratio” strategies.

    The “Manual bid management” strategy settings can't be changed.

Additionally, you can limit the application of recommendations when managing bids and budgets. If the Manage bids and budget option is enabled, the weekly budget can be increased by a maximum of 3% per week. The budget can be changed if it allows Yandex Direct to bring more clicks or conversions at a given price. In this event, the following settings don't change:

  • Settings for campaigns with manual bid management, including strategy settings.
  • The cost revenue ratio set in the “Target cost revenue ratio” strategy.
  • The conversion cost for the “Optimize conversions” or “Target cost revenue ratio” strategy.
  • The budget for a week for the "Optimize clicks" strategy with a weekly budget.
How do I know that the settings have changed?

When Yandex Direct changes any settings, the interface element gets blocked from editing. A mark will appear next to this element to inform you that Yandex Direct changed the setting with your permission. You won't be able to adjust this setting yourself.

You can click the blocked setting and cancel the automatic application of recommendations for the given campaign. After that, you'll be able to edit the setting again.

How can I revert the changes?

You can disable the Allow Yandex Direct to automatically apply recommendations for this campaign option at any time. But the changes made by Yandex Direct won't be canceled automatically. You'll need to edit the setting manually.

All changes made to the campaign settings as a result of the automatic application of recommendations are tracked in the changelog.

Where to see recommendations

To see what Yandex Direct recommends for other campaigns, click Recommendations at the top of the page. You'll see recommendations for all your campaigns and a forecast of how the number of clicks and expenditures will change after the recommendations are applied. The forecast is calculated using your campaign data for the previous seven days. Forecasts and recommendations are updated several times a day. Each widget contains tips of a certain type.

Some recommendations can be applied directly from the widget. For example, you can allow impressions on sites that can bring you additional clicks. To do this, click Allow for all and the recommendations will be applied to all the sites specified in the widget. To apply the recommendations to each site individually, click View and then click Allow for the appropriate sites on the page that opens.

You can view recommendations from the My campaigns page. If the icon appears next to a campaign, ad group, or ad, this means that Yandex.Direct has a new recommendation for you. Click on the icon to view it.

See recommendations

How to tell whether the recommendations helped

To find out what impact the recommendations had on your ads, analyze the campaign statistics. Compare indicators for the periods before and after the recommendations were applied. Remember that statistics can be affected by other changes in your campaigns and by external factors, such as seasonality, website improvements, competitors, and so on.

Why don't I see any recommendations?

Recommendations might not be shown if:
  • Your ads have just started serving recently and there are not enough statistics yet.
  • You haven't created a campaign, ad group, or ad yet.
  • Yandex.Direct hasn't selected any recommendations for you yet.