Non-competing ads

According to the Yandex Direct auction rules, ads are selected for serving based on the bid, click-through rate (CTR), and quality coefficient. The click price factors in the indicators for competing ads. But if several of your ads participate in the selection process, they do not compete with each other for calculating the click price — it only depends on the indicators of the winning ad and the ads of other advertisers.

Terms of non-competition

Ads do not compete when calculating the click price if any of the following criteria are met:
  • Ads belong to the same campaign.
  • Ad links lead to the same domain or its mirrors*, even if the ads rare in different campaigns or different accounts in Yandex Direct.

For example, you can simultaneously run a display campaign, text & image ads, and smart banners: if all ads advertise products on the same website, you will avoid competition between them. The click price will not increase due to the presence of other ads of yours, even if they are targeting the same audience. This makes Yandex Direct a one-stop advertising platform that is both convenient and afforable.

Transitivity also applies to non-competing ads. Example of transitivity: Ad 1 and Ad 2 belong to the same campaign, and links from Ad 2 and Ad 3 lead to the same domain. This means that Ad 1 and Ad 3 won't compete.

How the system determines that links lead to the same domain


If a user clicks on an ad link and is redirected to a different address, the domain is determined from the destination URL. Intermediate URLs are ignored.


Mirrors are websites available at different addresses but having the same content. You can check whether websites are mirrors or combine them into a mirror group using Yandex Webmaster. More information about mirrors.

Aggregator domains

If the landing page is on an aggregator domain (for example, or, your page address is treated as a domain. For example, ads with links to and will compete.

Ads for mobile apps

Ads that advertise mobile apps don't compete if they link to the same app in the same app store. Ads that link to the same app but in different app stores will compete.

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