Turbo pages

Currently, Turbo pages are running in the open beta testing mode. There are limitations on Turbo page creation. To participate in beta testing, contact a Yandex manager or use an ad agency.

Turbo pages are landing pages with increased loading speeds that are served on mobile devices. A Turbo page lets the user learn more about a promotional offer and leave a request without clicking through to the full site. Turbo pages can bring in more conversions for advertisers whose sites are not adapted for mobile devices (such as site content displaying correctly or pages taking too long to load).

When ads are displayed on mobile, the website link or site link will lead to a Turbo page. If the ad displays on a desktop or tablet, the link will lead to your main site page.

Working with Turbo pages

A Turbo page can be added to a link on a site or sitelink when creating or editing Text & Image Ads. Create a Turbo page using the Builder and then select the Turbo page you prepared from the list.

Impression statistics

A Yandex.Metrica counter labeled “Turbo Pages” will automatically be generated when you create your first Turbo page. This counter will be used in all Turbo pages for your account. You can use it to analyze the effectiveness of your Turbo pages and figure out how to improve them.

This counter will have several goals set for it:
Goal name Goal description
Turbo Pages — Title page — Button click Button click on a page with information about the product or service.
Turbo Pages — Form page — Open Loaded a page with a request form.
Turbo Pages — Form page — Send data button click Button click on a page with a request form.
Turbo Pages — Thank you page — Open Loaded the thank you page.
Turbo Pages — Thank you page — Go to site button click Button click on a page to visit a site.

For more information about goals, read the Yandex.Metrica help.

You can use the Report Wizard to evaluate the results of your Turbo page ads. For example, to see how the bounce rate has decreased when serving ads on mobile devices, go to the Ad № cross section. In Columns, select Bounces. Then add the filter Device type → mobile.

Managing multiple Turbo pages

You can add Turbo pages to several groups of Text & Image Ads at once using the mass changes feature. On the campaign page, check the boxes next to the names of the ads you want to change. A list of possible options will appear at the bottom of the page. Choose Edit and click Apply. In the page that opens, click Mass changes → Turbo pages and select the Turbo page you want.