Display banner under the search bar

An auction-based banner under the search bar, paid per impression. You can place this display banner on a new Yandex Browser tab and on the Yandex Advertising Network sites. This can help you improve your brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and interest in the brand, and expand your reach. Payment is per 1000 impressions.

  1. Banner format
  2. Benefits of a display banner under the search bar

Banner format

Banner size: 1456 × 180.

On a new tab page

Benefits of a display banner under the search bar

Wide coverage

Banners shown under the search bar have a monthly audience of more than 50 million people. With banners placed on a new browser tab, your brand reach a multimillion audience.

Managing targeting

You can set up targeting by time and geography to approach your audience in the most efficient way.

Cross-scenarios for communication with the audience

Create a segment of users who saw your display banner under the search bar and continue interacting with them, for example, through contextual ads.

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