Questions about managing cost per click

How is cost per click calculated?

Yandex.Direct click cost is not fixed; it is determined based on the results of an auction among advertisers. The CPC is a bid that allows your ads to participate in the auction. For automatic strategies, the CPC is determined automatically based on the settings, and for manual strategies, you can set the CPC yourself in CPC, max on the campaign page. When setting bids for impressions on search, you can refer to the prices shown in the interface.

The CPC for a specific position is the forecasted bid that will allow your ad to win that position. The forecast is based on the current situation, and it doesn't account for certain factors such as bid adjustments or competing ads from other regions with extended geotargeting. This means that sometimes your ad might not end up in the position you want, even if your bid is high enough.

What is the default bid amount?

The minimum CPC in Yandex.Direct is .3 rubles.

The price is not what I expected

Minimum search CPC

Minimum search CPC is the bid you must place in order to serve your ads on the results pages of Yandex search and Yandex's search services.

The system's internal effectiveness rating uses an additional parameter that influences the minimum cost per click for search. The parameter's value depends on a variety of indicators, which are recalculated in real time while your ad campaigns are up and running. The main factors include general statistics related to the advertised domain or telephone number (if one is specified on the “vCard”).

If the campaign effectiveness turns out to be below a certain level, the minimum CPC for search is automatically increased. Then when the ad quality improves, the price will automatically decrease until it reaches 0.30 RUB (0.01 standard units).

If the CPC you set is below the minimum Yandex Search CPC, your ads will only be served on the Yandex advertising network member websites and on the “All ads” page.

To start serving ads on the search results pages again, first you must increase your CPC, and then work on improving the performance of your ad campaigns. In this case, the minimum Yandex Search price may start decreasing again until it once again reaches 0.30 RUB (0.01 standard unit).

Please refer to ways to increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign.


Once the minimum Yandex Search price increases, the CPC is increased accordingly if your bid allows for it.