Data from third parties

Ads from Yandex.Direct by default contain data from third parties, such as Yandex.Market, or the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This data makes the ad more noticeable and increases CTR by 1.5-2%.

Data from third parties is shown only in ads served on desktops both above and below the search results.

Where required, you can disable the display of this information in the user settings. To do this, uncheck the box marked Enrich your ads with third party data.

Store rating on Yandex.Market

You may show the rating for a store from Yandex.Market in ads.

A store rating will be added to an ad if:

  • the Show ratings in ads option is enabled in the placement settings for Yandex.Market.
  • the domain of the store in Yandex.Market fully matches the link to the site in the ad.
  • the store is hosted on Yandex.Market for at least 30 days and has not been removed from Yandex.Market no more than 30 days ago.
  • the store rating has not been removed by Yandex.Market's quality control service.

For more information, read the Yandex.Market Help.

Official dealer badge

In ads for automobiles you may see an official dealer badge from

An official dealer badge will be added to an ad if:
  • the automobile's brand is specified in the search query.
  • the link to the site in the Yandex.Direct ad fully matches the domain of the official dealer.

Official microfinance organization badge

You may see a badge in ads for official microfinance organizations.

The badge will be added to an ad if the organization's site is in The Central Bank of the Russian Federation's state register of microfinance organizations.