Symbols and operators

In Yandex.Direct, you can use special symbols and operators to refine a keyword, negative keyword or search query in the keyword statistics service. You can combine operators.

Tutorial video. How to use match types

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In your ad text you can use mathematical symbols (such as +, -, =, /, * and %), punctuation marks, apostrophes and hashtags. The use of these characters must be logical.

Certain characters in ads can work as operators. For example #word# will function as a placeholder so in an ad a keyword will replace the "word" that is nested in ##.

How the operators work

The table below lists all the operators. It also shows examples of keywords and search queries that will or won't trigger your ads.


What it does

Keyword example

When we show ads


Matches the form of the word (case, number, and tense).

buy !apples wholesale

buy apples wholesale

buy apple wholesale


Matches stop words (auxiliary parts of speech and pronouns, and any words that do not add meaning).

work +from home

work from home

work at home

home work

" "

Matches the exact number of words. Displays ad for search queries that contain the keyword without any additional words.

Repeated words are considered one word.

"buy cars"

buy cars

car buy

buy red car

"buy car in showroom in moscow"
More information

There are six words in the search query, but the preposition in is repeated and counted as one. So any single word can be added to the search query.

buy car in showroom in moscow

buy used car showroom in moscow

buy car kia in showroom moscow


Matches the order of words. This takes into account all word forms and stop words.

tickets [from london to paris]

tickets from london to paris

airline tickets from london to paris

tickets from paris to london

tickets london paris

tickets from london cheap to paris

() and |

Group words in complex search queries.

buy car (cheap|online)

buy car cheap

buy car online

In the keyword statistics service, operators only work on the By keyword and By region tabs.

Recommendations for use

If you don't use operators, there are times when your ad might be shown for search queries that aren't related to what you are advertising. The table below shows examples of cases when operators must be used.


Keyword example When we show ads

You sell gear (clothing and accessories) for cross-country cycling, and you don't want to show ads to people looking for gears (spare parts).

[!gear for cycling]

gear for cycling

gear for biking trips

gears for bicycles

bicycle gears

You don't want to show an ad for pool cues to people who are looking for cued speech (a speech system for people hard of hearing).

buy cues -!cued

buy pool cue

buy billiard cues

buy cued speech system

buy cued