Smart banners

Smart banners are dynamic product banners. They are generated automatically based on the content of your feed or site. More information about smart banners.

On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about using smart banners.

Couldn't generate smart banners from the feed

When the system is not able to generate smart banners, the ad group will display the status “Ads were not created”. Make sure that:
  • the feed meets the requirements
  • the feed can be downloaded via the link you entered when you added it
  • you enter the mandatory elements for each item in the feed

You can use filters to create smart banners for individual products. Be sure to check that the filter rules are set correctly. Otherwise, they might not get any of the products from the feed.

When you set filters, you must select elements that are in the feed, and their values must match the values in the feed.

  • If the filter has the Only in stock option set, the feed must show products with the attribute available = "true". If there are other filters for products of a certain category (for example) then the feed must contain products of this category.

  • When configuring a filter by manufacturer, in the feed there must be a product with the vendor element. The value of this element must match the value specified in the filter.

  • If a filter is set according to the categoryId parameter, there must be products from that category in the feed. If there are no products in that category, smart banners will not be generated for it. Please note that if the parent category (i.e. a category that has nested categories with the parentId attribute) has a sub-category that contains products, the filter that is configured for the parent category (which has no products) will not function.


    An ad focused on the category of “Irons” (categoryId=123) will not be created because the category does not contain products.

    <category id="123">Irons</category>
        <category id="234" parentId="123">Rowenta</category>
        <category id="345" parentId="123">Bosch</category>
    <offer id="0123456" available="true">
        <name>Rowenta Iron 3000</name>
    <offer id="1234567" available="true">
        <name>Bosch Super Iron</name>

Smart banners take too long to process

Processing delays may occur if your campaign is inactive or if there are no funds in your account. Check whether your campaign is running and whether there are funds in your account.

Long processing times can also result from filter conditions that are too broad. If your feed contains a lot of products, it may take several days to generate smart banners.

Image in the block is cropped

Add multiple images in different formats to your feed (horizontal, vertical, square). The image that best fits the ad block's aspect ratio will be used.

Retail sales, other business: Yandex Market feed

Specify multiple picture tags:

Realty: Yandex Realty feed

Specify multiple image tags:

Automobiles: feed

Specify multiple image tags inside the images tag:


Smart banners don't get many impressions

If your smart banners aren't getting many impressions, it may be due to the following reasons:
  • Not very many products were found. Check how many products in your feed satisfy the filter conditions you set.

  • Low bid or a weekly budget. Increase your bids or weekly budget, or get rid of decreasing adjustments so that your smart banners can win auctions more frequently and be selected for display.

  • Geotargeting settings are narrow. If you selected a particular city in your geotargeting settings, ads can only be served to people located in that city or those who are interested in it. Try adding nearby cities, or selecting the whole region or district.

Smart banners didn't pass moderation

Smart banners may be rejected during moderation if you have not provided the required documents or your smart-banner materials do not meet the requirements.

Attention. Our customer service department can only help you with the campaigns created under the username you have emailed us from. You can see your current login in the upper-right corner of the screen. Our team can access your data only when processing your request.