What's next

After your payment is made, your ad will start displaying on the Yandex search results pages and on ad networks (the Yandex Advertising Network and external networks). It normally takes up to 40 minutes after payment is completed to begin ad serving, but the maximum delay is 3 hours during high load times.

How to check if ads are being served

To see if your ad is being served, view the statistics for clicks and impressions. An impression is an instance of an ad being served to a user in search results or on a webpage, and a click registers when a user clicks your ad to go to your site.

Once a campaign is active, the View statistics link will appear on the campaign page. Click this link to view reports. If you check these statistics regularly, you will know how well your ads are performing to bring users to your site.


Don't look for your ad in Yandex search results in order to see what position it is being served in. This increases your number of impressions without getting you clicks. As a result, the ad will be served less often.

How to get the best return on your ads
  • It is not only important to attract users to your website, but also to find out whether they will become real customers. To track user activity on your site and analyze the effectiveness of your ads, set up Yandex.Metrica. Define goals — key actions that you want users to perform, such as putting an item in the shopping cart, completing a purchase, or submitting an online request.
  • Add retargeting conditions based on the Yandex.Metrica data in order to follow up with ads (for instance, show ads to people who added items to the shopping cart but never checked out).
  • When enough data has accumulated in Yandex.Metrica, change the display strategy. Use the Average CPA strategy to get the maximum number of converted sessions on the site for the price you are willing to pay on average for a conversion.

    If the main goal of advertising is to get users to make a purchase on the site, enable collecting ecommerce data and set up the Average ROI strategy.

  • Regularly conduct experiments with texts and additional ad elements to determine which ad materials are performing best.

Best of luck!