Cost of placement

The bid or CPM is set according to the selected display regions.

Display region For impressions on a new Yandex Browser tab (RUB).
Moscow and Moscow Region From 375
Russia (without Moscow and Moscow region) From 290
Belarus From 185
Kazakhstan From 140
Other countries From 25
Values for other currencies
Payment currency Display region
Moscow and Moscow region Russia (without Moscow and Moscow region) Belarus Kazakhstan Other countries
Bid or CPM on a new Yandex Browser tab
KZT 1805.56 1444.44 1027.78 777.78 138.89
BYN 10.1 8.08 5.75 4.35 0.78
USD 4.66 3.73 2.65 2.01 0.36
EUR 4.06 3.25 2.31 1.75 0.31
CHF 4.61 3.69 2.62 1.99 0.35
TRY 24.62 19.70 14.02 10.61 1.89

All amounts do not include VAT.

If the values of the bid or CPM for the selected display regions are in different cells of the table, use the higher value. Set a bid or CPM higher than this value, and the banner will be served under all criteria.

For example, you selected Moscow and Saint Petersburg as your display regions. If:
  • Bid or CPM < 290 rubles, the banner is not served.
  • 290 rubles ⩽ bid or CPM < 375 rubles, the banner is served in Saint Petersburg, but not in Moscow.
  • Bid or CPM ⩾ 375 rubles, the banner is served in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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