How to launch a campaign

Step 1. Go to the campaign creation page and make settings

In the Add campaign drop-down menu, select Display campaign on Home page.

Enter the campaign name and select display regions.

Indicate which versions of the Yandex Home page — full, mobile, or both — you wish to place your banner on.

Step 2. Select a strategy and set a bid

Set the start and end dates of the campaign and the strategy for serving ads. We recommend automatic strategies:

Specify the price per thousand impressions based on the selected regions and the Home page versions. The cost should not be less than the value given in the table.

If the campaign meets the Brand Lift criteria, run the Brand Lift survey.

Step 3. Add a creative

On the ad group creation page, click Add → Upload creatives. Upload an image or HTML5 banner from your computer, or choose a previously added banner. To get maximum reach, use multiple versions of the banner for the full and mobile versions of the Yandex Home page. Please keep in mind that high-resolution banners are not displayed on regular screens and vice versa.

Read more about the banner requirements.

Step 4. Enter a Yandex.Audience pixel and impression tag
You can use the Yandex.Audience pixel to develop different scenarios of connecting with your display ad audience. The pixel is special code embedded in your advertising materials.

Create a pixel in Yandex.Audience. For more information, see Yandex.Audience Help.

Add the pixel code to the banner. After the impressions begin, the pixel starts to collect anonymous identifiers of users who have seen your ad. You can use this data when you set up your retargeting.

You can use the ADFOX tag or Yandex.Metrica pixel for counting ad impressions for display ads. The tag or pixel must include the %random% macro. They must also support HTTPS.

Evaluate how many users will be able to see ads from a particular group by estimating reach. You will see two values in the estimate:

  • On the right — the total number of users. It depends on the display regions you selected in the campaign settings as well as the versions of the Home page.
  • On the left, you'll see the number of users that could potentially see banners from the group. The size of the uploaded banners and the display regions set in the group are taken into account.

Any changes you make to the campaign or ad settings immediately affects estimated data so you can evaluate your potential audience reach.

Create a display campaign

Ad moderation and launching a campaign

After you create ads, they will be checked for compliance with:

Click Send to moderation and confirm that you accept Yandex's terms for publishing your ad. It usually takes the moderators a few hours to review ads. On weekends and holidays, moderation may take longer than on weekdays.

Your moderation results will be emailed to the address you provided when you created the ad campaign.

Your ads will begin displaying as soon as Yandex receives your payment.