How to launch a campaign

Step 1. Go to the campaign creation page and set parameters

Click Add campaign and select Display campaign in the list.

Enter the campaign name.

Enter start and end dates for your campaign and a display strategy. We recommend automatic strategies. To expand the reach, select Decrease price for repeat impressions. To get more impressions, select Maximum impressions at a minimum cost.

You can also cap impression frequency to limit how many times your campaign ads can be served to the same user.

Step 2. Select ad type

Select audio as the ad type.

All the ads in an ad group must be the same type, although a campaign can include all types of ads. You can't change the ad type after saving an ad group.

Select the display regions.

Step 3. Create a creative

Use your own audio file to create a creative. You don't necessarily need to hire professionals or rent a studio. You can record your audio using a good microphone in a quiet place.

Technical requirements for audio files


Maximum size 10 MB
Duration From 5 to 30 seconds.

We recommend using audio files that are 15 seconds long

Minimum quality 44 kHz, 16 Kbit/s, stereo
Audio codecs MP3, AAC
Number of audio tracks 1
How to create an audio creative in Ad Builder:
  1. Click Creative → Add → Build from a template. The Ad Builder window will open.

  2. Upload an audio file from your computer or via a link.

  3. Add an image to display with the audio. This helps to imprint the image of an advertised object in the viewer's mind. You might want to use a product photo or company logo as the image.

    Image requirements

    PNG, JPEG, non-animated GIF

    Maximum size 90 KB
    Size in pixels 900 × 900
  4. Click the Create button. The audio clip will be added to your ad.

To pass moderation, your creative must meet the requirements.

Step 4. Configure audience accumulation for retargeting

You can accumulate an audience of users who have listened to audio from your display campaign and then use it to configure retargeting.

Choose the events that interest you:

  • Impression
  • Completed 25%, 50%, or 75%
  • Completed 100%

A separate segment is created automatically for each event in Yandex.Audience, under the account hosting the Yandex.Direct campaign. The segment will accumulate users with the event for at least one audio creative from the ad group.

To learn more, see Retargeting to an audio audience.

Step 5. Specify a third-party tracking URL

You can use the ADFOX tag to count ad impressions. You must include the %random% macro in the tag. It must also support HTTPS.

Step 6. Set up impression criteria

Audio ads are only served in the Yandex Advertising Network based on user profiles. A profile is a collection of characteristics that the users you serve your ads to should have. These include gender, age, and online interests. Determine what your particular audience looks like and create a profile based on that data.

Specify music genres: audio ads will be played after users listen to songs in the selected genres. For instance, you can target ads at people who enjoy listening to rock, pop, or electronic music. For each genre, you can create separate creatives tailored to match the mood and tap into the user's emotions to maximize your ad performance.

Tip. If you have selected an automatic display strategy, go back to the strategy settings after you save the ad group. The average price recommendation will be updated based on the impression criteria. This will ensure efficient budget spending over the period.

Create a display campaign

Ad moderation and launching a campaign

Click Send to moderation and confirm that you accept Yandex's terms for publishing your ad.

Moderators will check whether the ad follows the guidelines. It usually takes the moderators a few hours to review ads. On weekends and holidays, moderation may take longer than on weekdays.

Your moderation results will be emailed to the address you provided when you created the ad campaign.

Ad serving will begin as soon as Yandex receives your payment.