Turbo Page Builder

Turbo pages are in beta testing. There are limitations on Turbo page creation. To participate in beta testing, contact a Yandex manager or use an ad agency.

The Turbo Page Builder will help you create interesting Turbo pages based on prepared templates. You can create an unlimited number of Turbo pages for free. You don't need any special skills or experience to create them.

How to make Turbo pages using the Builder

On the page for editing an ad or sitelinks, click Turbo page → Add → Build from a template, and choose a template. This will open a window where you can create a Turbo page.

Choose a cover image, set the colors of the design, and add titles, button text and a description of your ad offer. You can add your own image, select one from the library or use images previously uploaded by you. The button color must not match the background color.

In the Request form section, add the necessary fields and choose which fields are required. Enter an email address. Customer requests sent from Turbo pages will be sent to this address.

Insert the required information in the Legal information section. Please note that all information required by local legislation and the Yandex.Direct rules must be present on Turbo pages.

You can view all changes you make instantly in the preview area.

When you have finished working on a Turbo page, click Create.

Every new Turbo page is given its own unique ID and URL address that begins with https://yandex.com/turbo?. To find this information, under the Turbo page click and select the URL and ID option.

Turbo page library

All Turbo pages created by you are kept in a library. To open the library, click the Turbo pages link on the “My campaigns” page.

You can create a new Turbo page based on ones that you made earlier. Just click Copy underneath the Turbo page that you want to use as a model.