Performance ads

What objectives do performance ads help you achieve?

The purpose of performance ads is to attain measurable results and incite users to perform certain actions, such as place an order, submit a request, or install your app. Performance ads are targeted to the existing demand: ads are served to users who are already interested in your products or services.

Cost of placement

Yandex.Direct uses an auction system to manage ad impressions. Yandex.Direct does not have a set CPC for an ad. It is based on the results of bidding among advertisers. Learn more about how the auction works.

Formats to choose from

Ads in search results respond to the user's search query with a relevant advertising offer. They're served on Yandex search results and YAN partner search sites. Learn more about ads on search.

Text & Image ads

A universal ad format that can be used for most advertisements of products and services.

Ads for mobile apps

Promote iOS and Android apps: get the maximum number of app installs at an optimal price.

Dynamic ads

Ads are created automatically for each individual product and matching search query.

Search banner

Pay-per-click ad display format: attracts the target audience for your selected search terms.