Bid adjustments

Bid adjustments allow advertisers to raise or lower their bid when ads are served to a certain audience or in a particular format. You can use coefficients to correct your bid. A coefficient is the percentage by which you want to change the bid.

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How do bid adjustments work?

Bid can be adjusted for a particular audience or display format. For example, you can use them to target users who have already ordered items from your site. When an ad is served to this type of user, your bid will automatically change according to the coefficient you set. That way, adjustments will bring in more traffic than you would have gotten based on your initial bid.

Here are the ways you can adjust bids:

  • Target audience — a coefficient increase or decrease for an audience that matches certain retargeting list conditions.
  • Mobile — a coefficient increase or decrease for ads on mobile phones and smartphones.
  • Gender and age — a coefficient increase or decrease for an audience of a particular gender or age.
  • Video extensions — a coefficient increase or decrease for video extensions.
  • Smart ads — a coefficient increase or decrease for smart ads.

You can adjust bids for a particular campaign or ad group. If you use the same type of bid adjustment on the level of both a campaign and an ad group within it, then the group-level adjustment will be used.

If you don't want to apply bid adjustments to a certain ad group within a campaign, set the coefficient for that group to zero.

For example, let's say you set the coefficient to “increase by 40%” for a particular campaign, but don't want this coefficient to apply to a particular ad group. For that group, you would set the coefficient to “0%”.

When you use automatic strategies, Yandex.Direct factors coefficients into its bids and does not exceed the limits you set for your weekly budget or average CPC. If you set a maximum bid for a strategy, the actual bid will not exceed the adjusted maximum.

For example, you're using an automatic strategy. Your maximum bid is set at 20 rubles per click and your coefficient for mobile impressions is set to “increase by 100%” (so that the adjusted bid will be 40 rubles). In this case, impressions on mobile devices will display at the 40 ruble bid rate.

You can apply several adjustments to a given bid (for mobile impressions, by gender and age, by display region by time of day, etc.). Adjustments are applied in succession (they are not added together).

For example, if the bid for an impression criteria is 15 RUB, and the bid coefficient for men aged 18-24 is set to “increase by 50%” (100% + 50% = 150% of the bid, or *1.5), while the coefficient for impressions on mobile devices is set to “decrease by 40%” (100% – 40% = 60% of the bid, or *0.6), then:

Gender and ageDevice type
Desktops and tabletsMobile
Men aged from 18 to 24

15*1.5 = 22.5 rubles

15*1.5*0.6= 13.5 RUB
Remaining15 RUB15*0.6= 9 RUB

Make adjustments and add coefficients

To make an adjustment, go to the ad group editing page or campaign settings page and click Change in the Bid adjustments section.

Click the tabs below to read more about the different types of adjustments.

You can set bid adjustments for certain retargeting lists.

For example, let's say some users on your site put items in their baskets but did not end up purchasing them. You can add an adjustment based on the “Put items in their baskets” condition and set a raised coefficient. This way you'll increase the probability of reaching an audience that's interested in your product.

Select a retargeting list and set a coefficient. Add up to 100 adjustments using the New adjustment button. You can assign the same coefficient for all adjustments in the Bid field above the adjustment list.

To add a new target audience, click Criteria settings. Any retargeting list can be used for bid adjustments, even ones consisting only of unfulfilled goals. Learn more about how to add retargeting lists.

The minimum bid (including the coefficient) for a target audience is 100% less than the original bid. This will disable impressions. The maximum bid is equal to the original bid plus 1200%.

For example, if the bid for a keyword is 40 rubles, the maximum possible bid would be 520 rubles.

Please note that sometimes users may be served ads based on retargeting lists that you disabled using bid adjustments (i.e. you set a "decrease by 100%" coefficient).

Flip the switch to the position if you want to temporarily enable or disable all adjustments. Click next to any adjustment that you want to permanently delete.


The bid including the coefficient cannot be less than the minimum value for your currency.