Advertising rules and requirements

All ads in Yandex.Direct are moderated to ensure their compliance with advertising material requirements. Please read the rules below before placing your ads.

Goods and services the advertising of which is forbidden or restricted

Yandex does not accept advertisements for certain products and services, and also applies additional rules to certain subjects. This is due to legal restrictions and Yandex's advertising requirements. Please make sure that your products/services do not fall into any of the prohibited categories and find out which documents you need to pass moderation.

Requirements for websites and ads

To make sure you create your ads correctly, familiarize yourself with the rules concerning texts and keywords, as well as the requirements for images, landing pages, and other ad elements.

Warnings and age limits in ads
Find out what kinds of ads are accompanied by warnings and age limits.
Requirements for using the smart banner ad format

Yandex does not place smart banner ads for certain products and services, and applies additional rules for ads that use this format.

Advertising materials (texts, keywords, and links) are normally moderated within several hours (no ads are reviewed at night). As a rule, the more ads a campaign contains, the longer the campaign takes to moderate. Moderation of contact information takes place during the business hours you indicate, so it may take 24 hours or more.

You'll receive the moderation results by email, and you can also check the status of your ad campaign in the interface.