Complaints about ads

I have a complaint about an ad placed in Yandex Direct

According to the terms and conditions of the offer for Yandex Direct services, advertisers are free to determine the content of their ads and to set the terms and conditions for the placement thereof, and they are fully responsible for their ads' compliance with the law. If you have any complaints regarding an ad on Yandex Direct, please contact the advertiser directly. Their contact information can be found on the ad itself (via the site or vCard).

If you want to report an ad that fails to meet the Advertising requirements, use the form.

If you believe that ads published on Yandex online resources violate your intellectual property rights (such as to music, films, or software), please fill out the form so that Yandex can review your claim promptly.

How to keep your competition from using certain keywords

Keywords are not part of an ad. Keywords are just one of the required conditions for an ad to be displayed. The law does not prescribe any special requirements, limits or restrictions on the use of keywords. This also applies to keywords that fully or partly match any trademark. In addition, Russia's competition law encourages competition and the freedom of economic activity. Yandex does not have the right to decide on the legality or illegality of an advertiser's actions in this situation. Therefore, Yandex does not take part in such disputes. Please, contact the advertiser directly on such matters.

Complain about Direct results listings

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