Templates. Creating similar ads

In Yandex Direct, you can use templates to create similar ads from a large number of keywords. Using templates, you can paste keywords into the title, the main text, the link to a site, and/or the link that displays each time the ad for the keyword is displayed. In this way, a unique ad text is displayed for each keyword.

Video tutorial.Templates: unique ads for each keyword

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How to add a template

Templates can be added when creating or editing ads. To do this, you need to mark both ends of your keywords with a “#” symbol:

You should set a default keyword (for example, #zoo#) so that your ad still makes sense when displayed.

The keywords should be selected in such a way that when pasted to fill the template, the text is grammatical and meets the moderation requirements. For example:

Letter capitalisation of a keyword does not change where or when it is inserted into an ad. If there is a space in the keyword, it will be replaced with the symbols %20 when pasted into the site link.

The maximum number of characters that may be used in headers, links to sites, and link that displays is limited. If this limit is exceeded after pasting the keyword into the template, a default keyword will be used instead of the keyword.

When you replace a template with a keyword in a link, make sure that the resulting URL works. Cyrillic characters in links are automatically encoded into UTF-8. It's important that your site correctly accepts requests in this encoding. In the Yandex Direct interface, a link with a template in the ad is marked with .


The replacement is only possible in the main link of the ad. Template substitution does not occur for sitelinks.

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