Setting bids

You can quickly set bids in search results and ad networks for a large number of keywords, even if they belong to different campaigns or ad groups. You can only set bids for keywords from campaigns with manual management. Bid adjustments are not included in calculations.

To set bids, select the desired campaigns and ad groups. On the Keywords tab, select the keywords and click  → Bid Wizard. You can set a shared bid for all the selected keywords or use Bid Wizard for a more flexible configuration relative to the desired traffic volume or reach.

You can set a shared bid for selected keywords in search results and in ad networks. Specify your bid and click Set. Bids will be applied to the selected keywords according to their display position.

If you select keywords from campaigns with shared bid management in search results and in ad networks, bids will be changed only for search. The bid for ad networks will be ignored because it is based on the bid in search results with this type of bid management.