Integration with third-party verifiers

Yandex provides advertisers with the option to independently audit their ad campaigns by involving third-party verifiers. The integration is available for:

The campaign budget must be at least 1 million rubles without VAT. The duration of ad placement is up to 30 days. To set up the integration and ask any questions about how to connect or what restrictions apply, please contact your manager at Yandex.
  1. Mediascope
  2. Weborama


Integration setup

To set up integration with Mediascope:
  1. In Yandex.Direct, go to Tools → Integration with Yandex.Direct and click Configure.
  2. Under Mediascope, click Log in.
  3. The Mediascope interface opens. Enter your username and password. If you don't know them, contact your manager at Mediascope.


To explore the makeup of the audience that saw your ads, enable Third-party verification → Use Mediascope in the settings of particular ads.


To verify your ad via Weborama, when creating or editing an ad in Third-party verification → Weborama, specify the tracking parameters in the format:

{"aap":1234,"tte":5678,"account":9}, where

  • aap: The ID of your creative.
  • tte: The ID of the placement.
  • account: The ID of the account.

The parameters can be listed in any order. You can find out the parameter values in your Weborama account.