Campaign has insufficient conversions

This page lists the most common reasons for a campaign to get few conversions and offers tips for configuring campaigns.

  1. Yandex Metrica settings
  2. Goal setup
  3. CPA
  4. Yandex Direct account balance

Yandex Metrica settings

  • Check whether the goal is set up correctly for the Yandex Metrica tag.

    Try to trigger a conversion yourself. Make sure that your Yandex Metrica tag has counted it.

    When analyzing historical data, check the attribution model selected: it must be the same as in the campaign settings.

  • Fix typos and errors in the tag settings. The tag's domain must match the advertised domain.

Goal setup

Goal setup for the site

If the selected goal has less than 10 conversions per week, try to select a goal higher up the funnel that is reached at least 10 times a week: this will be enough for training the algorithm.

Goal setup from the mobile app

If you use in-app events as your optimization goals:

  • Make sure that the indicator for the goal selected from the app is green: it means that events are being received for it.

  • If the goal's indicator is gray: double-check that you configured transmission of events from your mobile app properly.
  • Make sure that you didn't exclude any important audience from impressions (for example, the audience of mobile devices).

  • Double-check that links in your ad follow a proper scenario.


  • Check your CPA: it must be high enough to achieve conversions in your area of business. You may use historical data for analysis. Read more about calculating the optimal conversion cost from the statistics data.

    If you don't have any statistics yet, use the Maximum conversions strategy to determine the market's average CPA. This can help you get the maximum conversions within your weekly budget. Specify the budget amount and one goal for which you can get more than 10 conversions per week. Launch the campaign.

    The system will buy as many conversions as possible for the specified budget (that is, at the cheapest possible CPA). To give the system enough time to learn, evaluate the results and change your weekly budget no more than once every two or three weeks.

    Within two or three weeks, the algorithm will find the market's average CPA. You can use it to set up your target CPA. If the CPA determined this way seems too high, pay attention to the quality of advertising materials (ads, transition pages), and check the targeting criteria.

    Use the Report on conversions to monitor your conversions.

Yandex Direct account balance

Make sure that your account balance is high enough and your ad campaign is running smoothly. If a campaign stops for insufficient funds, this may impact effectiveness of the optimization algorithms.

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