Campaigns with fixed CPM

In Yandex Direct, you can create and manage ad campaigns with a fixed CPM. You can place a banner in a new Yandex Browser tab or a premium banner in search results. You can also create video ads, audio ads, and banners on Yandex Media Services,, Yandex Realty, and Yandex Maps.

  1. Banner in a new Yandex Browser tab
  2. Premium banner in search resultsβ
  3. Premium billboardβ
  4. Video
  5. Audio ads
  6. Banners on Yandex services

Banner in a new Yandex Browser tab

Yandex Browser's broad audience will see your banner. This will help you support your brand image and awareness while you generate and stimulate user demand.

Technical requirements

Requirements for the banner design

Premium banner in search resultsβ

Your banner will be seen by the extensive Yandex Search audience in the right column of the search results. This will enable you to reach up to 85 million unique users. The format covers queries across popular categories, such as entertainment, finance, and cars, without competing with your performance ads.

Technical requirements

Design requirements

Premium billboardβ

A display placement in Yandex services: Yandex Video, Yandex Images, Yandex Music, Kinopoisk, Yandex TV Program,, Edadeal, and more. The billboard is placed in the header of the service's page and accommodates the entire screen width.

Technical requirements

Design requirements


With video ads in Yandex Direct, you can reach a multi-million audience in the Yandex Video Network, including people who never watch TV. Video ads can help you improve your brand perception and awareness, generate interest in your brand, expand your reach, and increase sales. Many placement options and formats can help you solve a variety of tasks.

Serving video ads on sites and mobile apps of the Yandex Media Network, as well as sites and mobile apps of Yandex Advertising Network partners, in different formats: multi-roll, InStream, OutStream, or Interstitial videos. Learn more about the placement options.

Technical requirements

Audio ads

Audio clips are played between music tracks, podcasts on Yandex Radio and Yandex Music in desktop and mobile versions for users who don't have a subscription, and on Yandex partner sites.

Upload an audio file in the MP3, WAV, or M4A format with a duration from 5 to 30 seconds.

Banners on Yandex services

Placing banners on Yandex Afisha is included in a Media Services ad package. Banners on these ad platforms reach a wide audience with a wide range of interests.

Technical requirements

Requirements for banners in Media Services

Learn more about the placement features and formats.

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