Ad Builder

Use Ad Builder to create interesting image ads based on templates. You can design an unlimited number of creatives for free.

You don't need any special skills or experience to create them. In the space of a few minutes you can create ads without the help of a professional designer.

Create your ad creative

We recommend that you create an adaptive creative that automatically adapts to any ad block and enables ad impressions on as many sites as possible. You can also make creatives only of the size you need.

  1. When creating or editing an image ad in the Creatives section, click Add → Create. The Ad Builder window will open.

  2. You can create your ad creative:

    • Using a template. You can choose all the settings for the design. To do this, select an adaptive template on the Standard templates tab.
    • Based on a site. If you don't know where to start, Ad Builder will generate ideas for your creatives based on the texts, images, and color of a website. Then you just need to edit the idea to get your resulting creatives. Go to the Creative ideas tab and enter the URL for your webpage. Choose an idea for the adaptive creative.
  3. On the right side of the window, select an image. You can add your own image, select one from the library, or use one you uploaded previously. You can view all changes you make instantly in the preview area.

  4. Set the smart center, i.e., the main area in terms of sense, which should not be lost when adapting an ad to an ad block. You can change the smart center in the Image section by clicking Change.

  5. Select the fill color and border and add your main text. The border color must not match the background (the selected background color or the colors in the uploaded file).

  6. Design a button by selecting the color and adding text. Add a logo, domain, or special offer. The information will be displayed in your ad if the ad block format allows it.

  7. All information required by law and the Yandex Ad Serving Rules must be present on the ad creative, including age restrictions and notices. Enter the appropriate information in Age rating, Warning, and Legal information.

  8. When you have finished working on your ad creative, click Create. The adaptive creative will be added to the library. Use it to create your ad.

Add creatives from the library

You can use your ad creatives in other groups.


An image ad creative from Ad Builder can only be replaced with an Ad Builder creative of the same or adaptive size. It can't be replaced with a creative uploaded from your computer or the internet.

Export creatives

You can export an XLS file with links to all the creatives that were made in Ad Builder. To do this, click Export list to XLS.

You can use these links to add the creatives to multiple ads at once via XLS/XLSX files.


You cannot transfer creatives between accounts.