How Brand Lift analysis is performed

Analysis is based on a survey of the target audience. It is divided into two groups:
  • 90% — Group A (test group). These users are served the brand's ads.
  • 10% — Group B (control group). These users are not served the ads.

Users from both groups are asked three questions. Each of the questions examines one performance metric of your ad campaign. The question structure is fixed, but you can replace the words highlighted in italics.

Indicator Question
Brand Awareness Which brands do you know?
Ad Recall Ads of which brands have you seen over the past two weeks?
Purchase Intent

What brand will you buy next?

Whose services are you going to buy next?

Product Consideration

Which brands will you consider before purchasing?

Brand Favorability Which brands do you prefer?
Ad Message Recall Which ad messages do you know?

Response options: your brand and competitive brands. For the Ad Message Recall metric, ad messages are set as responses.

The value of each indicator is calculated using the formula:

, where

  • A — the percentage of users in Group A who selected your brand in theшк survey responses
  • B is the percentage of users in Group B who favored your brand in their survey responses.

If the metric has increased, it indicates that the ad has had a positive impact on your brand perception.

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