Images in ads

You can add an image to an ad in a “Text & Image Ads” and “Ads for Mobile Apps” campaign. A well-chosen image draws more attention to the ad and helps users understand your offer faster.

Images are displayed on networks (Yandex Advertising Network sites and other ad exchanges), but not in ads on search results pages. Bids for clicks on ads should not be less than the minimum amount.

An ad containing an image will differ in appearance depending on campaign type:

The ad format depends on the settings of the website or network where the ad is displayed. Find out more about ad formats in the Yandex Advertising Network.

How to add an image

Images can be uploaded either while creating or editing an ad. To do this, on the ad editing page in the Ad extensions section, click Images → Add and choose an upload method.

When uploading, you will be prompted to choose the visible area of the image. The aspect ratio can be standard (from 1:1 to 4:3/3:4) or wide-format (16:9). Only wide-format images are available for “Ads for Mobile Apps” campaigns.

Images must meet the following technical requirements:

  • maximum file size: 10 MB

  • image format: JPG, PNG, or GIF. If you upload an animated GIF image, then only the first frame is saved

  • image size:

    • standard — from 450 to 5000 pixels on each side

    • wide-format — from 1080 × 607 to 5000 × 2812 pixels

In order for your ads with images to be served on all available content sites, it's recommended that you create two variants of each ad. One with a standard image size, the other with a wide-format image size.

To successfully pass moderation, the image must meet the ad formatting requirements.

The ad will be shrunk to fit the ad block on each site according to their settings. When displayed, the size can be from 37.5 to 480 pixels on one side. The image might be cropped (by no more than 25% and only relative to the center).

You can add images to multiple ads simultaneously using XLS/XLSX files, Direct Commander , mass changes in multi-editing, or the Yandex.Direct API.

Later, you will be able to use the previously uploaded images for new ads within the same ad campaign. Each one will be available in the ad interface until you choose it for an ad. You can replace or delete previously uploaded images at any time.

Impression statistics for ads with images are available in the Report Wizard.


You cannot add images when editing ads from a mobile device (using the mobile version of Yandex.Direct or the mobile app).