Images in ads

You can add an image to an ad in a campaign that uses “Text & Image Ads” or “Ads for Mobile Apps”. A well-chosen image draws more attention to the ad and helps users understand your offer faster.

Images are displayed on ad networks (Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges).

The appearance of an ad containing an image will differ depending on the campaign type:

The ad format depends on the settings of the website or network where the ad displays. Find out more about ad formats in the Yandex Advertising Network.

How to add an image

You can upload images when you're creating or editing an ad.

To add an image, under Image, select the upload method:

  • Select a file.
  • Enter a link.
  • Upload from gallery (of previously uploaded images).

Technical requirements for images:

  • Image size — at least 450 pixels in length and width for Text & Image ads, and at least 1,080 pixels for mobile app ads.

  • Maximum file size — 10 MB.

  • Format — JPG, PNG or GIF (only the first frame will be used).

Tip. To make your ads perform better, we recommend using images that are between 1080 and 5000 pixels in size.

After you upload your image, you'll need to choose a format. The size ratio changes depending on the format: for standard picture, it ranges from 1:1 to 4:3/3:4, for widescreen picture, it's 16:9. Check the visible area of the image. Click Save on the page with the selected format.

We recommend creating two options for each ad: one with a standard image and one with a widescreen image.

To successfully pass moderation, the image must meet the ad formatting requirements.

The image may be reduced or cropped to fit an ad block when it is served on a particular site.

You can add images to multiple ads simultaneously using XLS/XLSX files or Direct Commander. Just use the multiple amendments in multi-editing or the Yandex Direct API.

Impression statistics for ads with images are available in Report Wizard. Learn more about evaluating campaign performance.

Restriction. You can't add an image when you edit ads in the Yandex.Direct mobile app.