How do I view an ad on a site?

You can see what your ad looks like on any site without spending your budget on it. You can do this only if your ad has passed moderation and your campaign is running.

Note. This feature is available for display campaigns only.
  1. On your campaign page, find the group you need and click the button that displays the number of ads. In the view window, click .

  2. The targeting window will open. Allow cookies and click Preview. The cookie is stored in your browser. The lifetime of a cookie is 10 minutes.
  3. During this time, you can view your ad on any site where it might be displayed For example, on sites where the ad has already been served. You can find a list of these sites in the Report Wizard. If you can't find the ad, try refreshing your page several times or viewing it on another site.

    You can only view the ad in the browser where you saved the cookies. “Incognito” mode in Yandex Browser or similar modes in other browsers must be disabled.

Retargeting will replace cookies with the new ones, even if the previous cookies haven't expired yet. For this reason, you can't preview multiple ads at once.

Attention. Your ad clicks and impressions that occur before the cookie expires will not be counted in your statistics and you will not be charged for them.

Site ad preview impression criteria

The ad appears on a site when the following criteria are met:
  1. The site has a placement position fitting the ad dimensions.
  2. The site is not listed as blocked in the ad campaign settings.
  3. It is not prohibited to display ads for your subject matter or brand in the settings for the site or ad placement.