Advertised subjects

Some types of products and services can only be advertised if certain requirements related to legal requirements and Yandex advertising policy are met. Products and services that are subject to mandatory certification, registration or licensing require a particular set of documents.

This set of documents may include:

  • copies of legal documents (licenses, certificates, etc.) and a guarantee letter

  • only copies of licenses, certificates, etc.

  • only a letter of guarantee

The list of required documents, appropriate form of letters of guarantee, and other particularities are given for each category of goods and services. You can find requirements for letters of guarantee in the Rules for submitting a letter of guarantee section.

An accepted set of documents is considered valid for all an account's ad campaigns with the same category and domain. If you will need to resend the documents if you relaunch an ad campaign with a different account or domain. Please pay attention to the documents' period of validity. You must resend the documents when they have expired.

You can find the list of categories of products and services which cannot be advertised on this page. Please make sure that your products/services do not fall into these categories.