Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are currently in open beta testing.

Dynamic advertising helps you simplify the process of handling campaigns involving a large number of similar ads. Yandex.Direct will analyze the content of the site or feed and automatically create ads for display in Yandex search. The system always generates ads only for pages with a specific product.

For example, your online store frequently changes its product range and it takes too much time to create new ads and suspend irrelevant ones. You can create a campaign for dynamic ads so that you can automatically generate ads for every item on your site.

Dynamic ads can augment a campaign that also employs the use of regular ads. If keywords in a regular ad are more accurate than in a dynamic ad, or if they are identical, then priority during impressions will be with the regular ad. If a keyword from a regular ad is broader in meaning than the keyword in a dynamic ad, then the more effective ad will be served. The system will make this determination based on impression and click statistics as well as the bid and quality coefficient.


At present, ads are generated only for product offers of the following subjects:

  • electronics and accessories

  • appliances

  • industrial equipment

  • clothing

  • furniture

  • gardening supplies

  • sporting goods

  • construction materials

  • children's goods

  • tires and rims

  • cosmetics and perfumes

  • new automobiles for sale
  • used automobiles for sale
Real estate sales
Sales of airplane tickets
Hotel reservations

Work will continue on expanding this list.