How to launch Brand Lift

Brand Lift survey is available for new campaigns of the following types:

Brand Lift analysis begins when the ad campaign starts and ends as soon as sufficient data is collected. The recommended campaign duration is 2 to 4 weeks.

You can enable Brand Lift for campaigns that have no impressions yet. You can enable Brand Lift for multiple campaigns.

Step 1. Prepare an ad campaign

Create a new display campaign or fixed CPM campaign, specify the main parameters, and add ads to it.

Mandatory criteria for Brand Lift analysis:

The budget for the day and for the entire advertising period is based both on presets and actual costs according to Yandex.Direct statistics.

All these criteria must be met throughout the ad campaign, otherwise the survey is suspended. For example, if the actual budget for a campaign per day is 72,000 rubles, and its duration is 12 days, then the survey is stopped, because the forecast budget for the entire advertising period is 864,000 rubles, which is less than 1,000,000 rubles. That's why it's better to check Brand Lift criteria a couple of days after the campaign launch.

Attention. Don't change your targeting after you have started your campaign with Brand Lift. The survey will not account for these changes and will yield irrelevant results.

Step 2. Configure your survey

In the campaign parameters, click Order survey under Brand Lift.

In the menu, select:

  • An existing Brand Lift survey — to add this campaign to an existing survey.
  • New Brand Lift — to create a new survey.
New survey

Select three indicators from the list.

Fill in your brand details and enter up to 4 competitor brands. If you have selected an additional Ad Message Recall metric, enter the ad messages of your campaign and competitors' campaigns. The survey must follow the requirements.

The preview of the survey is shown below the settings. Check the data and save the parameters. To make edits, use the Change settings button in the Brand Lift field.

Attention. Make sure to configure all your survey parameters prior to submitting your campaign for moderation. After that, the data becomes read-only.

How to add a Brand Lift survey to multiple campaigns

To enable Brand Lift for multiple campaigns, select relevant campaigns on the campaigns page, then click Actions → Launch Brand Lift. In the window that opens, create a survey or select an existing survey.

Step 3. Submit your campaign for moderation

If your campaign has passed moderation, ad impressions start regardless of whether your survey passed moderation or not. If your survey is rejected, open the campaign settings and click Change settings in the Brand Lift field. Correct the data to meet the requirements. Save the changes to re-submit your survey for moderation.

What's next

Brand Lift begins as soon as the survey passes moderation and ends as soon as a sufficient number of questionnaires is accumulated. It can continue up to 14 days after the campaign has stopped. When the survey is complete, you will see the "Survey complete" status in the Brand Lift field in campaign settings. To view the results, click View statistics and open the Brand Lift tab.

The accuracy of Brand Lift results depends on the amount of data collected. That's why we do not recommend stopping the campaign earlier than after 2–4 weeks. There might be not enough data to get any conclusive results before that.