Smart banners

Smart banners are interactive banners with dynamic content. They can be targeted at users who viewed products on your site or showed interest in similar products. Smart banners are served only in ad networks (Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges).

To create a smart banner, specify the site domain or add a file with a list of products (called a feed) and configure the visual design. Yandex.Direct analyzes the content of a site or a feed and automatically creates a smart banner and separate ads (smart ads) for each product offered.

Smart banners can be generated in various formats.

You can create smart banners and separate ads for any product categories (with the exception of those listed in the requirements).

Benefits of using smart banners

Capture user attention
The interactivity and visual design of smart banners can help you drive more traffic and boost sales. In smart banners, product offerings are selected for each user at the time of impression, based on that user's interests.
Simplify ad creation
You do not have to select keywords and ad texts for each product on your website. Yandex.Direct will automatically create smart banners with your selected product offerings.
Regular and automatic updates
You can configure to upload the feed or content automatically from the site. This will make sure that your ads are always up to date.
Pay-per-click display advertising
You pay only when users click through to your website and not for impressions. In this case you can use strategies to configure impressions in accordance with ad campaign goals.