Smart banners

Smart banners are currently in beta testing. Access to smart banner creation is limited. Contact your Yandex manager for help, or refer to the services of your ad agency.

Smart banners are Yandex.Direct's pay-per-click ad display format. Smart banners are served only in ad networks (Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges).

To create a smart banner, add a file with a list of products (called a feed) and configure the visual design. Yandex.Direct will analyze the feed content and will automatically create an interactive banner that will display product offerings to users based on their interests. This type of banner takes up the whole ad block.

Also, separate ads for each product offer may be created based on feed data. Such ads will only take up part of an ad block.

Smart banners in ad networks may take up all of an ad block or only part of it.

You can create smart banners for retail products, realty, automobiles, hotels, and flights. Separate ads for each product offer may be created for retail products and automobiles.

Benefits of Using Smart Banners

Capture users' attention
You can drive more traffic to your website and boost sales with smart banners' interactivity and attractive visual design. In smart banners, product offerings are selected individually for each user at the time of impression, based on that user's interests.
Simplify ad creation
You do not have to select keywords and ad texts for each product on your website. Yandex.Direct will automatically create smart banners with your selected product offerings.
Smart banners are regularly and automatically updated
You can set up your feed to upload automatically. This will make sure that your ads are always up to date.
Pay-per-click display advertising
You pay only when users click through to your website and not for impressions. At the same time, you decide which indicator to optimize – the average CPC or average CPA.