Display banner

  1. Benefits of display advertising in Yandex.Direct

Display advertising is banner advertising where you pay for impressions to establish brand recognition and brand image.

Benefits of display advertising in Yandex.Direct

Target your audience

You have the flexibility to narrowly target your banners to users based on key characteristics (interests, income, gender, and age). You can even target users who interacted with your site previously or visited certain sections of it.

You can also serve banners based on keywords.

Easy banner creation
Build banners from scratch in the Ad Builder. You can do this automatically (based on your site content), or upload your own creatives in HTML5, GIF, PNG, or JPEG format.
You only pay for actual impressions

Yandex uses strict viewability criteria: banner impressions count only if at least 50% of the banner area remains continuously in the visible part of the screen for at least two seconds.

Yandex applies multi-stage filters to eliminate fraudulent and erroneous impressions and clicks.

Cross-scenarios for communication with the audience
You can build a segment of users who have viewed your media banner and address them through contextual advertising.