Display campaigns

Display campaigns are ad campaigns where payment is based on Yandex.Direct impressions (not clicks). Ads are served in the Yandex Advertising Network on desktops and mobile devices.

Advantages of display campaigns

You only pay for actual impressions

A banner impression only counts if at least 50% of the banner area is located in the visible part of the screen for an unbroken span of at least two seconds.

Target your audience

You have the flexibility to narrowly target your ads to users based on key characteristics (interests, income, gender, and age). You can even target users who interacted with your site previously or visited certain sections of it. Additionally, you can serve ads based on keywords.

Attract the attention of users

Display ads let you inform users about a new product or service as well as keep your brand in the minds of a broad array of users or current customers. These type of ads attract users' attention and create brand associations using interactive and visually compelling ad formats.