Manager account

To manage your campaigns, you can grant access to a manager account.

The account does not have access to your balance or payments. However, a manager account can be assigned one of the following access modes:
  • Administering.
  • Editing.
  • Reading.

The features of each mode are listed in the table:

Administering Editing Reading
Viewing ad campaign settings

Viewing statistics

Creating campaigns and editing ads

Analyzing statistics in the Report Wizard and statistics on search queries by each account

Adding manager accounts and new representatives, changing the chief representative

You can assign a maximum of 20 managers to an account. One manager account can have access to 50 other accounts.

An Administration manager account can assign representatives and chief representative for your account and their levels of access to it.

How to grant access

  1. In the side menu, click Information → Your representatives.

  2. In the window that opens, under Manager accounts, click Add manager account.

  3. Enter a Yandex Direct username and the access level (you can change it anytime). Click Add. You can only add accounts assigned by the chief representative. You can't appoint agencies and subclients as manager accounts.

Once access is requested, a notification is sent to the specified account in Yandex Direct. The account owner can accept or reject the invitation by clicking on their username in the menu on the left.

Attention. Only an account with the chief representative role can be assigned as a manager. The owner of the manager account can appoint their own representatives and change the chief representative. Then, they will also have access to the managed account.

Working with campaigns

To switch from the manager account to a managed account, click on your username in the menu on the left. Then, select the managed account under Available accounts. The level of access to the managed account is shown under its name.

You can view statistics on all managed accounts from your manager account. To do this, go to the Report Wizard and specify accounts for which you want to build a report in the Account data field.

Have questions?

Attention. Our customer service department can only help you with the campaigns created under the same username you use to contact us. You can see your current login in the upper-right corner of the screen. Our team can access your data only when processing your request.

You can contact us from 10:00 to 19:00 (UTC+3) by phone:

Moscow: +7(495)780-65-20

Toll-free within Russia: 8(800)234-24-80, ext. 9


To access campaigns, a customer service specialist will need your PIN.