Keyword selection

Wordstat, or Keyword selection, provides statistics for Yandex Search queries. You can use it to track changes in the popularity of a certain query, see how it differs in various regions, view the top queries that contain your keywords, and look up popular searches related to the same topic.

How to use the service

You can use the keyword selection form in the Yandex Direct interface. To do this, click Select words under New keywords and enter a keyword. For detailed statistics, go to the Wordstat interface: in the menu on the left, select Tools, then Keyword selection.

Let's say you are using Yandex Direct to advertise home repair services, and you want to add the keyword repair to your ad. Enter this keyword in Wordstat. Go to the Top queries tab. As the page shows, repair is a popular keyword (12 million monthly impressions). But it doesn't reflect what the consumer was looking for: repairing homes, cars, or phones.

To avoid impressions for popular search queries that aren't related to your ad, change the keyword repair to home repair in Yandex Direct. You can also use negative keywords to refine the keyword repair. If you add the negative keywords cars and phones, your ad won't be shown for the popular search terms car repair and phone repair.

When working with the service, you can use additional operators:

  • In Wordstat (the new interface), the Top queries and Regions tabs support all operators, while the Dynamics tab only supports the + operator.
  • In Keyword selection (the old interface), the By keyword and By region tabs support all operators, while the Query history tab only supports the + operator.

Go to Similar queries. Users who are looking for home repair might also be interested in remodeling and suspended ceilings. In the list of keywords for your ad in Yandex Direct, add the keywords that match the intent of your ad.

To learn more about the service, see Wordstat Help.

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