Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is a web analytics tool that you can use to collect data about visitors to your website and their sessions. To do this, you must create and install a tag (code that you insert onto your webpages). You can use the tag data to set up your strategies and ad audiences for Yandex Direct campaigns.

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Goals and segments in Yandex Metrica

You can use Yandex Metrica goals (for user behavior) and segments (for users with certain characteristics) in Yandex Direct.


Goals allow you to track specific user actions on your site such as:

  • Viewing several item pages during a single session
  • Visiting pages offering discounts
  • Clicking “Add to cart”

To create a goal, go to the Yandex Metrica tag settings, find the Goals tab, and click Add goal.

To learn more about goals, see Yandex Metrica Help.


You can create a Yandex Metrica segment for website visitors that have certain characteristics. For example, you can group:

  • Visitors who arrived at your site from social networks

  • Users of mobile devices

  • Female visitors between 18-25 from Vladivostok

To create a Yandex Metrica segment, go to any report and set selection criteria for sessions and people. For example, you can select visitors who landed on your website from social media.

Then click Segment → Save as and enter a name.

To learn more about segments, see Yandex Metrica Help.

What you can set up using Yandex Metrica

You can use Yandex Metrica data that you collect from webpages to set up retargeting and automatic strategies.

Retargeting & Audiences

You can display ads for people who already interacted with your site. For example, you can tell people who already ordered items on your site that they get a discount on their next purchase. Or you can suggest that users who viewed your site on mobile devices download your app.

You can use Yandex Metrica goals and segments for this. Just click Retargeting & Audiences → Add on the page where you edit ads. More about retargeting lists.

Automatic strategies

The most important clicks for advertisers are those that result in users performing a useful action. For example, adding an item to their shopping cart or placing an order. In Yandex Metrica, you can set goals that correspond to useful actions and calculate your campaign budget based on them.

To this end, automatic strategies have been created in Yandex Direct: Maximum conversions, Maximum conversions with an ROI limit, and Maximum conversions. You just need to enter a goal and corresponding indicator value (such as the cost per action) in your strategy settings. Then the system will select bids and keywords to bring your average indicator value for the week closer to the one you set and get you as many conversions as possible.

Note. If the settings don't appear after you select your strategy, there may not be any goals linked to your Yandex Metrica tag that have compiled enough statistics. Requirements for goals are indicated in the Help sections for the corresponding strategies.

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