Yandex Direct bonus program

  1. How to activate bonuses
  2. Bonus program account
  3. Restrictions

The Yandex Direct bonus program lets clients from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus get back part of their advertising expenses as bonuses. 1 bonus is equal to RUB 1 (BYN 1 and KZT 1).

Check the bonus program page to find out which promos earn bonuses.

Bonuses can only be used for placing ads in Yandex Direct. Use them to pay for any type of advertising campaign in your account.

How to activate bonuses

You can activate bonuses within three months of getting them. Bonuses earned before March 1, 2023, should be activated by May 31, 2023.

Accumulated bonuses are credited to the account automatically if the balance is positive. This occurs every month before the 10th day.

Bonuses won't be activated when you pay an invoice with a deferred payment option. This must be a prepaid invoice or you can use your line of credit. To activate bonuses, issue and pay an invoice: at least ₽300 (BYN 30 and KZT 5000) without VAT.

What is the maximum amount of bonuses that can be credited automatically?

The maximum number of bonuses that can be credited to the account automatically is calculated by the formula 9999 × Account balance. For example, if an account has 100 rubles left, no more than 999,900 bonuses can be credited automatically.

However, an account can't be credited more than RUB 3,000,000 (250,000 BYN or 50,000,000 KZT) at once. If you've earned more bonuses, then issue and pay an invoice for the remaining bonus amount, but no more than RUB 3,000,000.

Bonus program account

To go to the bonus program account, under the username, click the amount. In the window that opens, click Bonus program or the adjacent blue field with non-credited bonuses.

If some bonuses have already been credited to your username, the bonus program account will show your current bonus balance and history. If there are no bonus statistics, you will only see the information about current offers.

Bonuses you can earn

The amount of bonuses earned during the previous period, including all offers. The statistics are updated before the 10th calendar day of each month. To activate bonuses and start using them to pay for your advertising campaigns, top up your account before the specified date.

Bonus spending for the period

Spending for the previous month is shown in your bonus account.

Where can I view the history of bonuses debited per month?
Every month, we send an email with information about the bonuses spent during the previous month to the email address specified in your account. Make sure the email address is valid to receive these emails on time.
Bonus history

To view bonuses awarded for previous periods, click Bonus history. The data in the report is available in the cross sections:

  • By period
  • By offer

If you want to export your history, click Download CSV.


  • The amount of bonuses per tool can't exceed RUB 1 million (KZT 10 million and BYN 60 thousand) per calendar month.
  • You can't pay out more than RUB 3 million (BYN 250 thousand and KZT 50 million) using bonuses. If you've earned more bonuses, issue and pay another invoice for the remaining bonus amount, but no more than RUB 3 million.
  • You can't defer bonuses: all the bonuses available are activated the next time you pay an invoice.
  • You can't transfer bonuses to another username or refund them in cash.

Have questions?

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You can contact us from 10:00 to 19:00 (UTC+3) by phone:

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Toll-free within Russia: 8(800)234-24-80, ext. 9


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