Mobile app attribution platforms

You can use a mobile app attribution platform to get data about new installations from the app store. This system compares new installations with click-throughs from ads and sends this data to Yandex.Direct to calculate the conversion rate.

By connecting a mobile app attribution platform you can:

  • Optimize an ad campaign for installs and in-app events.

  • Collect accurate statistics on installations and in-app events and use these statistics both in Yandex.Direct and the mobile app attribution platform.

Yandex.Direct supports the following platforms: AppMetrica, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, MyTracker, and Singular. For campaigns running on iOS 14.5, SKAdNetwork is supported in AppMetrica, AppsFlyer, and Adjust.

You can pass various parameters and tags (including UTM tags) in the links.{logid}&source={source}

These allow you to monitor various statistics, such as traffic sources. Learn more about using parameters and tags.

The tabs below describe how to set up tracking links using the platforms supported by Yandex.Direct.

Attention. If you use another platform, you can contact its owner or developer and request that they integrate it into Yandex.Direct. Only platform owners can apply (using the feedback form) to integrate their mobile app attribution platforms into Yandex.Direct. For more information on how Yandex.Direct interacts with mobile app attribution platform, see the documentation.

To get a tracking link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Trackers tab and click +Create tracker.

  2. Choose the app in the Apps drop-down list. The SDK should already be written into the app code. More information on how to add an SDK.

  3. Choose Yandex.Direct in the Partners drop-down list.

  4. Insert the tracking link you received into the ad.

Correct URL format:{logid}

The link must include the click_id={LOGID} parameter.

See the Create tracker section in the AppMetrica documentation for more information.

Note. For the Optimize conversions strategy to run correctly, make sure that you enabled transmission of data about app installs.

You'll need the resulting tracking link for: