Report wizard

Report Wizard is a useful tool for viewing statistics. You can use it to get detailed statistics on all campaigns and evaluate the effectiveness of specific keywords and ads.

How to make a report

Click on View statistics on the campaign page. To view statistics for all campaigns, on the My campaigns page, click on Statistics for all campaigns.


You need to accumulate impression statistics first before making a report. Therefore, ads that have no impressions cannot have reports generated for them.

Set a time period

You can manually select a date range or choose one of the suggested time periods.

You can also view data for two periods simultaneously. To do this, click the button and specify the A and B periods. The end date of period B must be earlier than the start date of period A. The periods must not overlap.

Please note that statistics are available for the three-year period prior to the current month.

Choose cross sections and columns

Under Cross sections, choose which sections of data to build a report from. Under Columns, choose statistical indicators.

For example, you want to know how clicks and impressions are distributed in your campaigns among users of different ages and genders. In Cross sections, choose Campaigns, Gender, and Age. In Columns, choose Impressions, Clicks, and CTR.

You can change the order of sections and columns by simply clicking and dragging them.

Add filters

You can select data to display in the report by adding filter criteria.

For example, you want to know which campaigns received the most clicks from men aged over 45. First, in Cross sections, choose Campaigns. In Columns, choose Impressions and Clicks. Then add the Age and Gender filters:

You can save filters for future use.

Saving reports

Save a report to use it again in the future. Your saved report will appear in a drop down list:

You can also download a report in XLS, XLSX or CSV format. To do this, click the Export button.


Only the first 75,000 lines of the report will be downloaded.