How to view results

You can track the survey in the Campaign statistics section on the Brand Lift tab. The first results will be visible a few days after the survey starts.

Basic statistics

The top part of the report shows up-to-date metric values: the percentage of responses for the test and control groups and growth in the data collected. Growth is displayed only if it is statistically significant. In all other cases, the "Insignificant increase" label is used.

You can export the report in XLSX format. To do this, click Export to Excel.

The bottom part of the report shows statistical diagrams of responses to each question with the test group shown in blue and control group shown in red.

After the campaign is stopped, the survey can continue for up to 14 days. When data collection is complete, in the campaign parameters, in the Brand Lift the "Survey completed" status will appear.

Segment statistics

In the XLSX report, statistics for each measured indicator can be viewed on separate sheets broken down by audience segments. The technology is used for forming sections by segments Crypt. The percentage of responses for the test and control groups and the increase in the collected data are shown by cross sections:

  • age
  • gender
  • income
  • geography (city or region);
  • devices (desktops, smartphones or tablets).

Growth is displayed only if it is statistically significant. In all other cases the label is used "There is no significant increase».

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What growth is considered statistically significant?

In order to draw correct conclusions from statistics, you need to accumulate a sufficient amount of data. For example, if your survey has processed just a couple of questionnaires, the metrics would be quite different from the true values you would arrive at after processing several thousand questionnaires.

Brand Lift algorithms account for the statistical error, i.e., the possible deviation of the data obtained from the true value. Only if the data deviation exceeds this error, then the resulting value is considered statistically significant.

The statistical error decreases as the data grows, so the results become more accurate over time.

Why does the report show "Insignificant increase"?

The "Insignificant increase" label might be displayed for the following reasons:

Insufficient data collected
At the beginning of the survey, the questionnaires collected may be insufficient to make any conclusions about the statistical significance. Wait for a few days and your report may show growth.
To avoid running out of data, monitor your audience size and campaign budget. Make sure your targetings don't change and your budget doesn't fall below the threshold value throughout the survey.
Actual lack of growth
If your campaign's audience reach and budget remain high enough throughout the survey and the metric's label persists, your ad has probably failed to make a significant impact on the metric.

What's next

Further actions depend on whether your metrics have grown as expected.
Brand Lift has shown positive results

If you see growth in important metrics in your survey results, it means that the display campaign is positively impacting perception of your brand among the target audience. Continue to serve display ads for your proven targetings, try to increase your campaign budget.

Brand Lift didn't show significant growth
Try to understand the reasons for lack of growth. Review your campaign statistics in Yandex.Direct. Revise your creatives and targeting criteria. Try to gain reach faster. The more questionnaires your survey processes, the more likely it will have a significant result. Create a new advertising campaign with the updated settings and creatives, and do your analysis again.