Impressions based on interests and habits

By targeting your audience's short-term interests and habits, you can show relevant ads to people interested in your products or services right now or over the past few days. For example, you can selectively offer sales of airline tickets or summer clothing to people going on vacation. Short-term interest ads are only served in ad networks.

How targeting works

Impressions based on short-term interests and habits use Crypta technology. It analyzes users' online behavior and places them in groups. To do this, Crypta technology tracks the behavior of typical representatives of that group. For example, it looks at what words they use in search queries, what sites they visit, what apps they use, what shops they are interested in, and what time of the day they go online. The details about visited organizations are added from Yandex geoservices.

Short-term interests and habits are derived from visited sites and apps, subjects of search queries, and travel routes from geoservices. The data is updated in real time.

How to configure

You can set up short-term interests for Text & Image Ads.

In the ad group, under Impression criteria, specify interests and habits of the audience you want to serve ads for. Start typing to see relevant suggestions: select what the users are interested in, what sites and organizations they visit. You can enter a maximum of 30 criteria joined by the “OR” operator.

For example, you require an audience interested in cars. Select your criteria:

  • Interests — for example, cars.

  • Visited organizations — for example, companies selling cars.

  • Your audience is similar to the users of specific sites or mobile apps, for example, (a car marketplace site and app).

    When targeting an audience that is similar to site or app users, the selected sites or apps are grouped by subject, and targeting applies to groups of users of such related platforms. Your ads are not targeted directly at the audiences of selected sites or apps.

Use Interests and habits as separate impression criteria or combine them with keywords to increase your potential reach.


To view statistics on short-term interests and habits, select the Impression criteria or Type of impressions criteria cross-section in Report Wizard.


Data on interests in Yandex Direct and Yandex Metrica are totally different because different indicators are taken into account: short-term interests are used in Yandex Direct and long-term interests are used in Yandex Metrica.

Analyze the interest-related data in Yandex Direct to see how ad targeting based on this short-term interest works. Data on long-term interests in Yandex Metrica will help you create a profile of your website audience and use it for retargeting.

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