Types of businesses and feeds

To upload a feed, you must select the type of business that you are advertising.

Type of feed Type of business Business activity
Yandex Market feed (YML) Retail Sales of electronics and accessories, appliances, industrial equipment, clothes, furniture, gardening products, sporting goods, construction materials, children's goods, tires and disks, cosmetics and perfumes, etc.
Feed in Google Shopping format (RSS 2.0 specification)
Google Ads “Hotels and rentals” feed (CSV) Hotels Hotel reservation
Auto.ru feed (XML) Automobiles Sales of new and used cars
Yandex Realty feed (XML) Real estate Real estate sales
Google Ads“Flights” feed (CSV) Airplane tickets Sale of airplane tickets
Universal feed (CSV) Other business Goods and services that don't fit the other business types
Yandex Market feed (YML)
Google Ads “Special” feed (CSV)
Google Ads “Travel” feed (CSV) Sales of travel packages, train/ferry tickets, etc.
Feed in Google Shopping format (RSS 2.0 specification) Sales of luggage accessories, clothing and clothing accessories, laboratory equipment, furniture, equipment for transporting of materials, disposable cutlery, tattoo equipment, personal protective equipment, and so on.

Product offerings not described in accordance with their type will be rejected.

Attention. Smart banners and dynamic ads are not generated for ads that are required to include notices.