Automatic bid adjustments

By placing ads you get a lot of ad impressions in Yandex search results, on the Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges. However, the quality of impressions can vary. Some sites will bring you more conversions than others. Automatic bid adjustments in Yandex Direct help you save money when the performance of ad impressions is predicted to be lower than your average, and it can produce more targeted traffic with a high conversion probability. This helps Yandex Direct clients receive on average 14% more conversions for the same budget.

  1. How Conversion Forecast works

How Conversion Forecast works

The Conversion Forecast tool uses machine learning technology to predict targeted user actions on any website that has Yandex Metrica enabled. The forecast is based on data about page views, page depth and viewing time.

Conversion Forecast can also influence the conversion rate by raising or lowering the bid for impressions that are expected to lead to conversions. The forecast is always individual and is based on data about your campaign and the necessary conversion actions on the site. The forecast of impressions in the ad networks also accounts for the effectiveness of advertising sites. For example, if a certain site converts users on average less than other sites and produces a lot of bounces, the bid is automatically lowered to save your money.

By default, the forecast uses engaged sessions (the expected number of conversions on the advertised site is predicted by an algorithm). To affect automatic bid adjustments, specify conversions and values that you use for evaluating your site's performance. This will focus the system on your goals.

Automatic bid adjustment for campaign's conversions works for strategies with manual bid management and for automatic strategies that aren't optimized for any specific goal.

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