Display problems

Ad is not displaying

Here are the most common reasons why an ad that has passed moderation is not being served:

The ad has not been activated yet
If you have recently paid for or enabled the ad, the ad may just not have been activated yet. It takes on average about 40 minutes for an ad to appear in the search results after activation. The maximum time for an ad to pass through the activation process is 3 hours.
The ad didn't end up on the first page of Yandex search results
Look for your ad impressions on the View all ads page of Yandex.Direct (you can search by keywords). If you still have any questions about your ad position or you would like to change it, use the feedback form.
The order was not paid
Ads will only be displayed after you pay for the advertising campaign. If you paid for your order through your bank or using internet banking, then your ad will start displaying as soon as we receive the payment confirmation. Payment information is checked every three hours using an online statement system.
Low funds
If you are running low on funds in your shared account, your campaign account, your daily shared account budget, or your daily or weekly budget, then Yandex.Direct  may not serve ads in some cases to avoid overspending. Top up your account if necessary.
The time and the region for your ad do not correspond to your browser's time and region settings.
The current time or day of the week may not correspond to the display time for the ads in your campaign. Your browser's region setting must also match the display region for your ad.

For more information, read the Why are my ads not displayed? section.

If you could not find the answer to your question, please call +7 (495) 780-65-20. We will be happy to help solve your problem.

You can also contact us using the feedback form below.

Tip. If your ad did not pass moderation, you can find out the reasons why it was rejected by clicking on How to fix it in the rejected ad. You can ask questions about moderation using this form.

Ad is not displaying in a high position

Your ads may be served on Yandex search results pages and in the ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges).

You can view your average ad position on search in the Report Wizard. Your ads may not end up in the position you want due to low bids or features of the display strategy you selected.

The bid you set is not high enough for your ad to display in the desired position.

Your impression position depends on how high your bid is. For your ad to end up in a high position, you need to not only select the right strategy but also set a price per click that is equal to or higher than the price recommended in the Direct interface.

For example, if the bid you set is lower than the one recommended by the system for Guaranteed Placement, your ad will only appear in the Dynamic Impressions block (regardless of your strategy).

It is important to monitor price changes for the positions you are interested in and, if necessary, update your bid settings. You can set up notifications under Campaign parameters to keep track of your ad positions.

You selected an automatic strategy

The automatic bid management strategy is not designed to ensure that your ads maintain certain positions within search results, but rather to net you the maximum number of targeted clicks and impressions without exceeding your budget. The bid for each keyword is determined automatically and may be insufficient if you want your ad to display in high positions (premium placement or guaranteed impressions).

Automatic strategies allow you to set priorities for certain keywords, but it's important to remember that a high priority doesn't ensure a high position in Guaranteed impressions or Premium placement. Rather, this setting increases the weight of these phrases over others when allocating the budget. Whenever possible, the system displays keywords with a high priority in more noticeable positions, and lowers bids for keywords with medium and low priority.

If you want to manage impression positions yourself, you can select a manual bid management strategy and set bids yourself.

The forecast does not take extended geotargeting into account

The CPC for a specific position is the forecasted bid that will allow your ad to win this position. The forecast for position prices in search results is only based on ads that have the same display regions as your ad or campaign. Ads that could be served from other regions (when extended geotargeting is enabled) participate in the auction, but they are not included in the position price forecast. This means that sometimes the ad might not win a high position, even if your bid is high enough.

The forecast does not take behavioral factors into account

Yandex.Direct tries to serve ads to every user whose interests and searches match the ad content. That's why the system accounts for behavioral factors when choosing a display position: the user's search history, visited sites, and social-demographic profile (gender, age, city of residence, etc.) Behavioral factors are not factored into the price forecast in the interface since they differ from one impression to the next. That's why in some cases ads may end up higher or lower than the position you want.

An age restriction appeared on my ad

The 18+ rating is added automatically to all ads for the products listed below:

  • Games, music and movies
  • Concerts, shows, sports events and other entertainment events
  • Print media (newspapers, magazines and books)
  • Certain TV and radio programs and shows
  • Databases and computer programs

“Consult a Specialist: Food for babies over 11 months old” is added by default to ads for baby food.

Change 18+ to other values

If your products are intended for consumers under 18 years of age, you can change the age restriction yourself on the advertising campaign page.

Just click on the notification and select the appropriate value.

Delete age restriction

Age restrictions cannot be deleted if you are advertising media. If necessary, you can change the age restriction.


If you are not advertising media and you believe the age restriction was added by mistake, please fill out the form below to remove the restriction.

A notification appeared on my ad

As required by law, warnings are added automatically to ads that fall into to the following categories:

  • Medical care

  • Medical products

  • Medicinal substances

  • Dietary supplements

  • Infant formula and baby food

  • Products which resemble weapons

  • Financial services

  • Shared-equity construction and new construction projects


If the warning was added in error, please let us know using the form below.

The “Rarely served” status appeared

If an ad groups is marked "Rarely served," it means that those ads get low search traffic or are not served at all.

Before it marks your ad groups as “Rarely served”, the system evaluates accumulated statistics on your ad group's impressions. This status is updated automatically. The system periodically tries to serve ads from the group. If the number of impressions in an ad group increases, then the group will be activated again.

Recommended bids and statistics for ad groups with this status are not available for 28 days. You can view your accumulated statistics in the Report Wizard.

Make changes to your ad group settings to get more impressions. The following are Yandex.Direct's recommendations for getting more impressions (in order of importance):

Select different keywords

It is possible that the keywords you selected do not appear frequently in search queries or are too specific to be served in networks. Try adding other keywords or make sure that operators or negative keywords are not limiting your keywords more than necessary. We recommend using the keyword statistics service when creating a list of keywords. You can see how many people per month search for a given phrase and what similar search queries are used.

Combine keywords

Keywords that are not used frequently can be combined into one ad group so that together they can receive enough traffic to remain active. Using templates, you can create unique ads for each keyword. With the use of URL parameters like {keyword} or {param1} and {param2}, you can create separate landing pages for users that come to a site who clicked through on one ad but searched for different keywords. Details

Modify your target audience settings

Your target audience may be too narrow. So too few users are clicking through to your site. Try changing your settings and broadening your target audience.

Check your geotargeting settings

If you have chosen a particular city in your geotargeting settings, then ads will be served only to those who are in that city or are interested in it. There may not be impressions in some cities for keywords or retargeting lists set by you. Try adding nearby cities or selecting the entire region or district.

Increase maximum bids

Your competitors may have raised their bids, so your ad groups are not winning auctions because your bids are too low or are getting adjusted downward. Your ads can win auctions and be selected for impressions if you increase your bids and disable bid adjustments.

Favicons in ads

Your website's icon (favicon) can be added to Direct ads on the Yandex search results page.

How can I add a favicon to my ad?

The image from your favicon.ico file is automatically uploaded as the favicon. This file is usually located in the root directory of the advertised website or is embedded in its HTML code. Instructions on how to install the Favicon can be found in the Favicon section of Yandex Help.


After you add a new favicon, it may take some time for the information to be updated.

My ad is displaying without my favicon

Check that favicons are correctly installed on your site. Instructions can be found in the Favicon section of Yandex.Webmaster Help.


If you replaced a favicon which was installed previously or added a new one, it may take some time to update the information about it.

My favicon was set up correctly but it still isn't displaying

Yandex.Direct does not guarantee that favicons will display for all ads (even if the favicon is correctly configured).


If you replaced a favicon which was installed previously or added a new one, it may take some time to update the information about it.

How to get more impressions

To increase the number of impressions for your ads:

  • Enable impressions in ad networks

  • Enable impressions for related keywords and don't limit your expenses for them

  • Change your impression schedule and expand your geography

  • Check that your keywords are working. If you use operators incorrectly or have a lot of negative keywords, this will limit your impressions

  • Enable autotargeting. That way Yandex.Direct will use your ad text and the advertised site page to select suitable search queries and serve your ads when users enter them.

  • Adjust your bids. Raising your bids allows your ads to win auctions more frequently and get selected for impressions.

  • Change the settings of your chosen strategy. For example, increase your budget if the limit you set doesn't allow you to win auctions.

You can also follow Yandex's recommendations for improving advertising performance.