Yandex.Direct uses several specific terms that you will become familiar with when placing ads.

When a user clicks on a website ad and is redirected to the landing page or to a page containing the advertiser's contact details.
Cost Per Click
The cost of one click-through by a user on a link from an ad to a site or to a vCard.
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
The ratio of the number of clicks on an ad to the number of its impressions, expressed as a percentage. It is an indicator of ad performance.
A web page containing an advertiser's contact information which is displayed after the user clicks on either the “Address and telephone” link or the header of an ad.
Guaranteed Placement
The guaranteed position for ads located in a block beneath the search results on the first page each time a search query is made that uses the advertiser's keywords.
Ad group
Several versions of ads that you can set both a common list of keywords and the same impression settings.
An advertising action or promotional activity intended for a determined period of time, geographic region, and budget, during which ads will be served.
A word or words that carry significant meaning. This may be used as a key for a web search or a particular website page search. The ad is displayed if the search query or website page contains the specified keyword.
Quality coefficient
The value that depends on a number of factors and is calculated in real time. Its main factors include the overall relevance of the ad to the query, the ad statistics, relevance of the website landing page, and other parameters.
Negative keywords
A word or words for which, if they are present in a search query, an ad will not be served.
A person who ensures that an ad's keywords match the ad text and the contents of the advertised website or the advertiser's offer over the phone (if contact information was provided for ad placement). In other words, the moderator monitors compliance with the advertising material requirements.
The process of ad verification performed by a moderator.
Dynamic Placement
The positions for ad blocks beneath the search results on the second and subsequent pages where impressions for each query containing keywords indicated by the advertiser are not guaranteed.
Advertising material which contains advertising information, as well as a link to a website or a vCard (a web page containing the advertiser's contact details).
Search query
A text query to search for information that a user enters into the Yandex search bar, or in the search bar on a member website of the Yandex Advertising Network.
The displaying or serving of an ad to a user on a web page.
The degree to which an ad's content corresponds to a user's search query.
A number of web pages united in terms of meaning and navigation, as well as a tool for promoting the product, service, and image of a company on the internet.
Premium Placement
The placement position for ads with a high Click-Through Rate. This block is located above the search results.
Link (URL)
The address of the site or page on the internet. For example, a link in an ad, which leads to the advertiser's website or to a web page that contains advertiser's contact details.
Stop words
These are auxiliary parts of speech, pronouns and any words that do not add their own meaning. Such words are automatically excluded from the user query when selecting which ads to serve. For example, if a user query is how and where to buy an elephant, only ads containing the keywords buy an elephant will be selected for impression. In this case, the words How, and, Where will be the stop-words.
User counter
A service designed to measure site traffic.
A tool to select part of the available audience that satisfies specific criteria, and serve ads specifically to that part of the audience. Targeting by hours of the day or days of the week is time targeting. Targeting by location is geographic targeting or geotargeting.
IP address
The unique address of a computer on the internet. An IP address consists of four numbers ranging from 0 to 255 and separated by periods.