Action button

You can add action buttons to video ads of display campaigns or Text & Image Ads with an image, video, or video extension. It draws attention and encourages users to interact with your ad. The button adds one more link to your ad. Clicking a text or video can direct a user to one website page while the action button can point to a different webpage. Alternatively, links may point to the same destination.

Example of a final ad with additional elements

How to add

You can add an action button when you create or edit an ad. To do this, open the ad editing page, go to the Button in ad section, and enable Show button in ad. Select text from the list and specify the link to a landing page. The link may match the one that you have specified in the ad.

Impression statistics for ads with additional design elements is available in the Report wizard. To analyze the number of clicks on the button, select the cross section Click position → Button.