1.3.5. Rules for undoing edits

If you undo an edit, then you must write the user a note explaining why it was necessary. If you undo several of a user's edits of the same type, then you only need to write one explanation.

Edits can be undone in the following situations:

  1. When edits purposefully ruin existing map items (acts of "vandalism").


    Make sure that there are no correct edits containing new information about a map item among the "vandal" edits. If the edit contains useful new information, make sure to save it.

  2. When edits create nonexistent map items from existing ones.

    Note. These items are frequently created in order to test the service out.
  3. When edits create map items that are still in the planning stages (i.e. construction has not yet begun on them in reality).

  4. When edits create map items that exist in reality but can not be drawn according to the Yandex Map Editor Rules (such as some military installations, fencing, driveways located on private land, etc.).

  5. When edits create duplicates of map items that already exists.


    Make sure that the duplicate item doesn't contain any new information. In this case, you may need to move information about an item that was created earlier or delete the item after you save a copy (duplicate) of it.

  6. When edits create map items in the wrong category after a map item was created in the correct category and all attributes values from the incorrect map item were moved to the correct one.

    For example: an organization with the wrong category, such as a farmers co-op that's drawn as vegetation, or a building that's drawn as a territory, etc.

  7. Edits that contain a lot of erroneous attribute changes (this frequently happens with map items in the “Roads” and “Locations” categories).