1.3.4. Edit rollback rules

When rolling back edits, don't forget to choose one of the given reasons, or select “Other reason”. If none of the preset options sufficiently explain the problem, send a message with a detailed explanation to the user.

If most of a user's mistakes fall under the same umbrella, it's better to manually send them a message with a detailed explanation. You can choose a preset reason when rolling back the remaining mistakes.

There are several preset reasons for rollbacks (also see the Moderation section).

Attention. You cannot change the cause of edit rollbacks. This is why be scrupulous about choosing it.
  • Duplicate item: the item already exists on the map, so the duplicate has been removed.


    Make sure that the duplicate item doesn't contain any new information. In this case, you may need to move information about an item that was created earlier or delete the item after you save a copy (duplicate) of it.

  • Non-existent item: the item doesn't actually exist in the real world, so no edits can be applied to it.

    Note. These items are frequently created in order to test the service out.
  • Currently non-existent item: the item doesn't exist yet, so no edits can be applied to it for now. The item may be added to the map as soon as construction gets underway.

  • Forbidden location: some items are banned from being shown on the map in accordance with the Rules (see section 3.1.4. for more details). Forbidden items .

  • Wrong category: item was assigned a wrong category, so no edits can be accepted.

  • Invalid attribute edit: the attribute edit cannot be accepted as it violates the Drawing rules.

  • Invalid shape edit: the shape edit cannot be accepted as it violates the Drawing rules.

  • Unmappable item: these items are not mapped because of other apps which use Yandex Map Editor data (fences around private land, passages inside private areas, some small parking lots, playgrounds, etc.).

  • Other reason: a reason that doesn't fit any of the descriptions above, such as rollbacks for multiple invalid attribute edits (usually concerns “Place” and “Road”-type items).

  • Vandalism: rollbacks for deliberately destructive edits made to ruin existing items.


    Make sure that there are no correct edits containing new information about a map item among the "vandal" edits. If the edit contains useful new information, make sure to save it.

To make sure that no edits were made after the one you want to undo, click Show all tasks for this item (also see Task moderation):